DEMO: How I Make My Etsy Listing Photos & Videos on Canva (for selling digital downloads)

so a lot of you have been asking me how exactly I make my Etsy listing photos so I want to show you an example of how I do this with a Priceless template this is actually not what I sell in my Etsy shop but I'm just going to use it as an example to show you how I do my research for my Etsy listings and how I make them and how I maximize my Etsy marketing photos like the listings and the video to get sales so first thing is what are the dimensions for Etsy listing photos so here I just have an example of like obviously it's not a digital template but you can see that okay this seller has like square photos and it's like there's like longer photos so when I first started making the listings I did research what is the size that we should use and I checked a couple of websites some of them say Square some of them say something else but what I went with was this one so 2700 pixels wide and two zero two five pixels tall this is what it says on Etsy so it says 200 2 000 pixels but then it doesn't really say if it's square or um I think it's the four by three yeah I think there are people saying different things but in the end I went with this one and I actually think it doesn't matter too much because whenever you're looking at like listings like are you really gonna look at if it's square or if it's longer like let's just take a look at some other ones so say something like this so this is like not Square I think this might be what I am using for mine so let's just take a screen grab of this one and check might be this yeah so it's pretty much that size so the size that I'm using is the 2700 times 20 25 pixels for the Etsy listing and right now I am using the canva free version I did have the Pro trial for a month and then it just expired so now I'm on the free so first things first I save the I save like a PNG of my actual listing so I'm just taking this free canva template uh download PNG download like that so we're gonna use this in the listing photo so the first thing I do before even starting on my Etsy listing photos is to take a look at what other people are doing for their Etsy listing photos okay let's just search price list so priceless skip this one this one and this one and maybe this one first thing you can see it's very clear of what it looks like um okay it's just this is good it shows you that it's like a Photoshop template but I don't see the point in having all of these photos they're all the same let's close that one let's take a look at this one I like how there's like a title oh and it says canvas so that is important because all my templates are canva so I do actually add the canva logo on the front page so take a look how it works this I like too these are kind of like the features edit in your web browser unlimited edits this is how it works you can personalize and then print I like the screenshot of the canva this is a digital download nothing will be mailed so I think that's important too you can favorite it okay and let's take a look at another one for this one I feel like there's a lot going on uh this is the video the video I would say it moves too slowly I would definitely make it faster because also the video is what people see when they hover over like this moves faster and this is what I do too I have like a screen recording of canva and me editing the template in canva two formats one column yeah so if you have different formats like if you have a letter size paper and then if you have a four size paper because there's kind of two standard paper sizes that people use around the world then you can make sure that your buyers know that there's two available personalize and edit I love the laptop screenshot thing there's the features I like this as well it kind of shows what it looks like with someone holding it matching items that's for the other things in the shop and this is how it works let me just go back here and make a list of what we want to add so basically we want to have like our title page what to use it for another one was how it works another one I like to add to is what's included like if there are different formats or bonus items like if you have questions contact me and then maybe one of showing the product in use so like a mock-up and I'll show you how to do a mock-up as well features and benefits this is how it works so basically it's like download personalize and then save as PDF or print and then just some other notes we want to add the canva logo I want to have some mock-ups another thing I like to do is um to show like Show an example of another color scheme how it works in this one we also need to include it's a digital download not shipped I think that is pretty good so we'll make all of these pages so you might be wondering like okay do you just like design the stuff from scratch or what do you do I basically take a look at what other people are doing and I personally like to make things like super duper simple super clear and simple so remember the kiss principle kiss keep it simple stupid because the thing is when your customer is like looking at all of these scrolling through all of these they're gonna spend like half a second on each photo so you want to make sure like for example I I don't like this text it's kind of hard to read this is hard to read for sure it's like white font on like a light pink background so you want to make it simple you want to make it clear and you can still make it look very nice and aesthetic but still make it clear and simple so first thing I'm going to do I'm going to upload that image the price list image and what I usually like to do I like to add a glow kind of like there's just like an outline of whatever it was for the title page I want to make it I like to make it as big as possible like that and then I'm actually going to change the color a little bit maybe slightly pink or beige let's do like a beige-ish color like that and then add text so this one I mean in terms of this you have to take a look at what other people are doing so right now for like a price list editable Priceless um editable canva and then I like how it shows on the phone as well this one's actually quite nice it shows it like printed obviously you could spend a little bit more time looking at what other people are doing for me what I do is like I just look at what stands out to me and what I would personally be interested if I were a customer looking for like a price list like this so I think definitely what we have to do on the first page is we need to add a canva logo for sure the original colors and I don't change the color because it's just recognizable to people and then let's say price list canva template this one is specifically for Salon let's use a font something like that this for now is very simple you can also do like a kind of smart mock-up so for example if you edit image so you can do a smart you can do like a mock Cup right in canva by using these or you can actually also go to smart mock-up t

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