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in this video I will show you step by step with an easy beginner friendly tutorial exactly how to create kids animation educational videos in just minutes and you'll be able to earn upwards of $875 in a day and rockstars before we even get started here is an example of the type of video that I'm going to teach you how to create in these simple steps hi kiddos let's learn the fruits ready let's start apple banana now let me jump into character here this video has gotten 14 million views and there are videos on this channel that has got 69 million views in 2 years Odetta are you serious about that did I stutter whatever you are let's get back to the real Odetta and the channel actually has 1.8 million subscribers and they have posted about 135 videos at the time of me recording this with about 700,000 views per day on average the channel is raking in anywhere from $ 3,500 to $7,000 in a day now as a parent whether Mom or Dad you're going to have more bills and this starts with diapers and formula which isn't cheap and then it leads into the college tuition that is haunting many of your dreams because you don't know where the first dollar is going to come from and many people out there will argue that the best way to manage expenses is to cut back but I went to a totally different School my solution when you have additional bills to get on top of them is not to cut back and then compromise your life of course reasonably so if you're flaunting and spending frivolously then you need to correct that but my solution is to identify new streams of income so that you can increase the amount of money coming in and in doing so you'll be able to provide a life of abundance for you and your child or children as parents now at this point as a parent I want you to pause this video and I want you to take a moment to think about how yours and your child's life or children's life would change if you're making $875 a day which works out to about 26,00 000 a month and I'll be [Music] back welcome back rockstars thank you again for hitting play on this video now if it's not too private what you imagined as a parent that you would do if you're making this kind of money go ahead and write it in the comments for me whether it's an investment or an expenditure how this money would change your life that said let's get into this tutorial because we're going to be here for a little while now to create these animated educational videos for kids I've broken it into eight simple steps and step one is crypting your video and don't worry we're going to use AI so you don't need to be talented this way the tool of choice that we're going to use is chat GPT and you can use the free version for this tutorial if you're still not using chat GPT yet the link is in the description of this video now let's grab the computer so that we can do this together now after signing into chat GPT we're going to start with this prompt give me animated educational video title ideas for kids that can be easily created using canva with 2D animation now as you can see here chat GPT is going to give us many video ideas to choose from when creating our kids animation video you're going to select an idea to start with and you can either select one from the list or maybe you have one in your head that you came up with let's say we're going to choose a similar video to replicate like the one I showed you earlier on that channel that's doing exceptionally well and the video I show showed you was about fruits and vegetables so let's say we're going to replicate that one for this tutorial your next prompt in chat GPT write me a script for a simple 2D kids animated educational video that I can create in canva about and this is where you're going to copy and paste the title that you got from either chat GPT the one you had in your head or in this case I'm going to copy fruits and vegetable names because that's what I want the video to be about then you add to the end of The Prompt suggest scenes for the video as you can see here chat GPT is going to give you the visual of what should be happening in the video at that particular time it's going to give you the audio as it pertains to what kind of sound effects or what kind of sounds you should be hearing and it's also going to give you the naration which is what your voice over should be saying and for this video title that I plugged into chat GPT it actually used some amount of creativity and gave me the fruits and vegetables in alphabetical order like for a apple b bananas C carrots D dancing Tomatoes okay you got to be kidding me it may be off a little bit but you get the gist rock stars but let me tell you again this is a lot of fun to create let's move to step two two of the process step two is actually to create the video to create the video we're going to use canva and I'm going to put the link in the description of this video so you can get started with canva and you can use a free account but if you really want to take your creative game to another level it may be worth the small investment per month which I'll pop up here on screen for canva now we're going to create the animation video scene by scene so for scene one as per chat GPT it's the introduction and the visual for this scene is open with a colorful animated scene of a garden full of various fruits and vegetables so let's get started so after logging into canva by clicking the link you're then going to select videos from the menu as I'm doing here and then you're going to select YouTube video now as per chat GPT scen one mentioned a garden so you're going to go to elements here on canva and you're going to search for garden you're going to then select Graphics because remember this is animated and then you're going to see a vast or a variety of images that you can choose from choose something that's colorful but has enough space for you to put your characters which we're going to insert later on now you can leave your background as is and then move to the next steps but rock stars you know we don't do normal so we're going to take it up a notch so I'm going to show you how to add animation to this background first let's add some butterflies flying all you have to do is to go to elements as I'm doing here on canva or in canva search for butterflies and select Graphics choose a Motion Graphics where the butterflies actually flicker in from the options that are there and then you're going to size it and place it here on the screen over your background let's now search for flying bee and while we're at it let's just drop it in here on our background and resize it and I'm enjoying this too much rockstars let's now add a flying bird in the sky go to elements search for flying birds click graphics and let's pick one from the images that are there I'm going to pick this one and to change the direction because I want it to go the other way just click on the actual bird as I'm doing here and click flip in the menu and we're goi

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