Bitcoin vs Ethereum for Higher Return | Value Analysis and Targets

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Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency but it may not be the best investment going forward. Now I’m not saying you won’t still make a LOT of money investing in bitcoin but if you knew which one would be the better investment, bitcoin vs Ethereum, wouldn’t it be nice to know?

In this video, I’ll show you the similarities and differences between bitcoin and Ethereum. I’ll explain the two cryptocurrencies and give you a price analysis for each. Then I’ll reveal which is the better investment for short-term investors and which will win out over the long-run!

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are both digital currencies, tokens developed and accounted for on the blockchain ledger technology…but that’s where the similarities end. Bitcoin is a limited token with about 21 million now in circulation while there are more than 100 Ether and no limit. That plays a big role in the price difference between the two.

More importantly though is the primary reason the two cryptocurrencies were developed. Bitcoin was created to act as a digital currency, as a mode of transaction and a store of value. While Ethereum can be used for that purpose, the primary reason for its creation was to facilitate app development for business uses of the blockchain.

That difference in use is going to be the biggest driver in prices and returns in the future. There are more developers using the Ethereum platform than any other crypto. As businesses adopt the blockchain technology, that could drive the price of Ethereum well beyond that of bitcoin for the highest return. That’s the long-term case…but what about the short-term? Check out the video for a price prediction and analysis for both cryptos and our bitcoin vs Ethereum grudge match!

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1:57 Bitcoin vs Ethereum Similarities and Differences
2:25 What is Bitcoin?
2:50 What is Ethereum?
3:02 How are Bitcoin and Ethereum Different?
3:39 Bitcoin Price Prediction
4:51 Ethereum Price Prediction
6:19 Which is the Better Investment, Bitcoin vs Ethereum?

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