Best Investing Ideas on Motif Investing This is a super resource list of investing ideas for anyone that wants to save on investing fees and get that diversification that's so important in stock market investing.

I just uploaded an article on My Stock Market Basics called 51 Investing Themes on Motif Investing (though I like the Investing Ideas title better so maybe I'll change it). The post is an investing resource list of the investing funds created by real investors on the online investing site.

I’ve been using Motif Investing for a while now and I’m all in with the online investing site as a way to not just cut investing fees but to get that critical diversification you need for stress free investing. I haven’t always been the model of good investor behaviors.

Tell me if this sounds like you. I used to invest in individual stocks online and then check in on them every week or even every day. Not only was I wasting my time obsessing over my stocks but I ended up jumping in and out at the wrong time.

What I found when I started investing on Motif is that individual stocks didn’t matter anymore. If you don’t know, Motif lets you group up to 30 stocks into a fund and then buy them all with one commission. So you pay $9.95 to buy all 30 stocks instead of up to $450 to buy them individually on another website.

What’s better though is that by holding all your stocks together in a fund, you don’t fixate on the ups and downs of any one in particular. You watch the overall fund value go higher and aren’t tempted to check in everyday because it’s a much smoother ride.

So I’m going to show you how to use this new post to check out some of these investing ideas.

So we go to the new post on My Stock Market Basics. Search for the title 51 Investing Themes on Motif Investing if you don't find it right away. It's probably in the ‘Most Recommended' section at the right.

So you can scroll through this list and these are groups of stocks created by other investors around themes. You’ll find themes like green investing, healthcare stocks, dividends, just about anything.

You can click through any of the links here to go to Motif Investing and check out the exact stocks in the funds for your own investing ideas. The site is totally customizable so you can combine funds or start from scratch and group 30 stocks of your choosing, you’ll still pay just one commission and you don’t pay those annual management fees like you do with ETF investing.

I’ll use one of my funds here, the American Future Fund which invests in three sectors that I think could drive the economy in the United States for decades – Energy, Agriculture and Healthcare.

So you can scroll through here and get investing ideas of your own. It’s a great way to put your own investing strategy together.

Check out the whole list on My Stock Market Basics. The blog is all about making investing as easy as possible by getting back to those investing basics that work so well. Go to the list of 51 Investing Themes and click through to Motif to save money and diversify your portfolio.

That’s all for now from My Stock Market Basics. Thanks for watching!