BECOME A UGC CREATOR 💰 | What is UGC? How To Start Making Money As A UGC Creator? (STEP-BY-STEP)

[Music] what is ugc and how are creators making1 to $20,000 a month making ugc if you have zero followers how can you get started as a ugc Creator and get paid in the next 30 days this video is broken up into three sections in section one we're going to be going over rapid fire frequently Asked ugc related questions to get you caught up to speed on everything ugc in section two you're going to learn the five steps for how to get started as a ugc Creator and where to find ugc opportunities and then section three we're going to go over bonus tips how much should you charge equipment the must know editing tip that everyone needs to know if you plan on making ugc content so let's go wow that was a lot what is ugc ugc stands for user generated content so user generated content is content whether photo video text a review anything that was authentically created by an everyday user of that product or brand why do Brands love ugc well there's a few alternatives to ugc that Brands can do they can hire their own video production team social media team or marketing team to make professional video content and video ads or they can work with influencers to create content and promote their offer brand product ugc kind of acts like the middle ground for them one they get to partner with everyday people who genuinely love their brand two they don't have to hire an entire production team or pay for professional video which in turn could save them a lot of money three unlike with influencers Brands don't have to pay ugc creators to post the content they create the ugc Creator just creates they don't even need an audience so if we're talking about the difference between an influencer and a ugc Creator typically Brands partner with influencers or content creators because they want to pay them to create content that they will then promote to Their audience in hopes that the brand reaches a new audience or generates some business traffic and sales with ugc creators Brands will pay you to make content that they will then post on their own social channels you don't have to post you just create so if you want to be a full-time content creator who has zero photography or videography experience this is a great place to start what's the difference between ugc content and like the high quality produced photos and videos while there are some ugc creators who make these amazing high quality content and videos ugc doesn't have have to be high quality a lot of Brands love for it to look like it was created by an everyday person or user often times this casual content comes across as more authentic to a viewer because it doesn't look like the typical overly produced ad you know what I mean all right now that we've gone through the FAQ section let's go a little bit deeper how can you get started as a ugc Creator first I want to start off by saying that being a ugc Creator isn't just some easy peasy lemon squeezy thing for you to do if you're looking for like a quick and easy way to make a little bit of money with no effort this is not it you will definitely have to put in some practice to perfect your skills creating ugc content there's also pitching to Brands organizing multiple deals when you do get opportunities and it's actual work so yeah be prepared to put in work step number one study what ugc content looks like and pick an industry before you create anything it's wise to familiarize yourself with other UTC content so you know what's currently performing well and how you can create your own content so what I recommend doing is going to this website right here and see what ads are currently running on Tik Tok a lot of those you'll notice our ugc content what's really cool here is that you can organize by industry to see what content looks like in specific Industries the reason you want to pick an industry is similar to the same reason that you would want to Niche down as an influencer or content Creator if you're creating ugc content for brands in the travel Niche and your portfolio is all travel related content and you start pitching to brands in the travel industry this is going to be a huge win for you and the brands because they're going to see that you are an expert in their industry they're going to be like dang she knows what she's doing or they know what they're doing and they're going to have a lot more trust in you because you know what it's like to create ugc content for them and their industry specifically of course if you've never created any sort of ugc content before it's normal to test a bunch of different Industries to see what feels most natural to you step number two now that you have an idea of ugc content and what it looks like build your portfolio walk around your house and find a few products that you love and use every day this can be anything that you're comfortable creating content with like skincare products clothes shoes blue light glasses your milk that you use in the morning coffee espresso machine book books anything that you use on a daily basis now these aren't necessarily the brands that you're going to be pitching to so don't get scared or intimidated by grabbing these things just focus on creating because you genuinely love that thing or that product or that brand a little bit later in this video we're going to be talking about the different types of ugc videos that you can create for Brands but for right now I'm just going to talk you through the simple creation process that I would do I'm somebody that's super comfortable showing my face on camera talking to the camera so what I would do is maybe I would grab my favorite protein powder that I use literally every morning with my oatmeal and I'll pull it up talk to the camera and be like oh my gosh y'all I love this maybe I'll show how I make my oatmeal in the morning and that's just like authentic content it's just me showing up on camera talking about how much I love the blueberry muffin Co Kos C Co I don't know but I love their protein powder maybe look up how to pronounce a brand if you're going to be talking to a camera and yeah it could be as simple as that hyping it up showing that I love it or if you're somebody maybe you're not comfortable showing your face on camera you can make more of like an aesthetic video so if it's like your skin care or maybe it's like green juice or something you can make it more aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen or on a bookshelf or in your shower and you're just showing different angles of that product being used and maybe have some text overlay that talks about the product with like a hook in the beginning and all the things remember during this creation process you're going to use the inspiration of the ugc content that you had saw before on that Tik Tok ads website so you're pulling inspiration to see what's currently working and then pulling that into your creation process after you've created some content you're going to put that content into a portfolio either on

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