Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2024 (FREE $900/Day STRATEGY)

I found a 900 per day affiliate marketing method that you could copy and paste for free in fact one of these ways made me 346 thousand dollars in net commissions and the craziest thing is I'm not the smartest person in the world oh so let's actually break it down step number one pick a niche now what is an actual Niche so stop thinking about things that are niche as you start thinking about people that are in pain like the bigger the pain point someone is the more money you can essentially make with affiliate marketing for example how traditional affiliate marketing works is you have a problem say for example my bathroom is stinky because I had some burritos the last night and I want to go buy something oh look a candle I'm gonna go ahead get this candle and make sure that my bathroom no longer smells bad because maybe I have a girl coming over and I don't want her to essentially judge me for what I ate the previous day now even though that is kind of like a humorous pain point to essentially have this candle if I go to go ahead and recommend this candle I'm not gonna go ahead and make enough money and understand this affiliate marketing happens when you recommend products to people like for example if my mom loved this so much and she's just handing this off to hey dear you need to go ahead and for example get this candle she's already doing this to all of her Filipino friends and all that them because my mom is super influential in the Bible study Community amongst all these Asian women they're all buying whatever it is my mom essentially recommending but my mom never gets any commissions and all affiliate marketing is is getting paid to refer products that you're already essentially referring right so if you essentially want to go ahead and make money then you need to pick a niche and a pain point that is a deep-seated problem even though this product is great and my bathroom smells amazing now this product I'll probably only get like a couple dollars in commissions like you can't make that much money recommending a bunch of candles and making that money in terms of commissions that's why when you're gonna go ahead and choose a niche you need to go ahead and choose a niche that has a deep-seated pain point now what is a deep-seated pain point you ask it's anything that is in terms of wealth health love and happiness meaning whatever it takes to go ahead and get laid look sexy naked uh since you make money and hoping that you don't die from survival means those are kind of like the most painful niches they actually get into but that also makes the most money now once you actually have a niche you want to go ahead and pick a platform now obviously I'm kind of biased because you're watching me on a freaking YouTube video but I would highly recommend YouTube just because it is a huge search engine Mr Beast is on this platform and if more people are watching Mr Beast and flocking over to YouTube guess where the future is probably going to be it's probably going to be on YouTube now the only downside that I didn't like about like for example all of the other platforms is it's not search based meaning I could go ahead and spin my wheels till the cows come home about you know just posting a bunch of content but I won't actually get much long-term benefits because the moment I post something on Instagram or Tick Tock or any one of those things it dies very shortly so I'm essentially spinning my hamster wheels and trying to go ahead and get some attention like some 13 year old chick and essentially what like I'm putting all this effort and creating content and no one's essentially gonna go and watch it because the algorithm just doesn't want it to watch anymore that's why literally I'm going all in on YouTube and Just focusing all in on that just because it's like all the top creators are moving there it's long form and the moment people are in your community you're just very sticky the moment you actually have your YouTube channel the next step is just creating a website because you want to get them off the YouTube channel and onto your own platform so obviously you can get help about with moneyblog but as you can see you can go ahead and start a blog right here you want to go to essentially like what I want to do is I want to send all of the people from YouTube onto my blog onto my email list onto every single house other than for example YouTube but I get them and their souls from YouTube first the next step is I join an affiliate program right so what are the affiliate programs that I essentially go and join the moment I have my platform I have the paintball to have the people that I want to go and speak to I'll sign up for ClickBank I'll sign up for for example share a sale sign up for munchie munchie in all these places like there's products where you can essentially get paid like for example 50 off of a three thousand dollar product that's a huge ping pong because people want to learn e-commerce right but imagine this it's like would I rather recommend journals oh let me go ahead and like tell you about my day look at the journal that I bought get in the link below I'll maybe get a couple dollars commission from this or with that exact same energy and time of referring for example some person that has made millions in e-commerce look at this 50 commissions I'm gonna get like 1500 commissions I remember just with doing this method alone I was stuck in the Philippines right and my Wi-Fi was whack because Asia is weird because when it rains the Wi-Fi doesn't work I don't understand it why in Asia does Wi-Fi not work when it's like freaking raining but essentially I recommended five people to go in and buy this I nearly made 10 grand 10 grand in a single month when I needed the most without actually having my own product it's exact same thing with ClickBank right I didn't need my own product or offer I could literally go ahead and partner with a company that essentially has hundreds if not thousands of products I can sell it for free and again ClickBank was one way that I went from zero to eight grand in 30 days without having any of the risk now once you actually have the affiliate program the next thing you want to do is start writing content based off of what people are searching for so obviously if people want like e-commerce I'm gonna type in e-commerce and check this out see all these things that pop up I'm gonna start creating content with these in the title if I was selling jump ropes check this out job probe transformation do you see this thing all these things are what people are searching for look 30 days even if I go ahead and click on this look at this this one video got nearly 1 million views just a jump from transformation just because I literally just did and wrote what people are actively searching for on for example YouTube I was like the jump rope car are you freaking serious and I'll just keep on creating content for all of these products

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