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Homemotivation for studyA+ STUDENT MENTALITY - Best Study Motivation

A+ STUDENT MENTALITY – Best Study Motivation

There are key components
and key ingredients in the recipe of a student mentality. Number one, you need to be disciplined. The future is very expensive and only those who are carriers
of discipline can inherit the future. I need you to stay motivated I don't care if you have to
listen to me a thousand times I need you to stay motivated and I need that motivation
to mature into discipline. I need you to be self-aware so I need you to remember that
you are always learning. In life you are always learning. And I need you to believe in yourself. I need you to see yourself capable, lovable and unconditionally worthy
of your future. Turn your pain into progress. I need you to see yourself,
see yourself. One of the things that
many students lack is vision. You got to see yourself
before you get there. You have to hear yourself
telling yourself “Thank you.” I need you to open up your ears, open up your ears because the you from the future
is telling you ‘thank you.' Thank you for not giving up
when you wanted to give up. Thank you for not being depressed. Thank you for not allowing the brokenness
to eat your progress. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You got this. It's going to get hard sometimes,
I’m telling you right now. It's not going to be easy but it's worth it. Maybe you're listening to me right now you want to lose weight
or you- you're trying to pass the final exam or maybe there's just this
feat that seems as though it is impossible to turn
your pain into progress, turn your pain into progress. I need you to be uncomfortable with average. I need you to be allergic to average. I need you to come to the end of yourself so many people are depending on you. A student is hard-working,
a student is mentally tough. Have the ability to adapt, have a character, consistency, demonstrate courage on the daily, stay motivated, stay positive, earn your respect, have a winning attitude, breathe, compete, make no excuses, set goals, practice great habits, stay focused. You want your future? You got to outwork everybody on that field. You got to outwork everybody in the room. You got to learn
how to perform under pressure. You got to leave it all out on the field. Everybody want the future but everybody wants to be average. There are going to be times
when you feel like you're losing your mind and you study for hours and you're going to take an exam and you will not pass. A student is resilient. A student is disciplined. A student is committed. A student is consistent even when they don't want to be because the cycle of depression
needs to end with you. The cycle of not enough
needs to end with you. The lack and the dysfunction
and the anxiety and all of these things that your family
and your father and your mother have gone through you have to keep a student mentality. I studied and I failed the exam. I studied and I failed the test and life is an uphill war
and it is filled with tests and exams and critical moments where you are going
to have to dig deep inside of yourself and ask yourself why. Why did you start in the first place? And what was the emotion, the feeling what was the science and the psychology
behind the decision that you made? And 9 times out of 10
I can tell you why you started. You started because you were hungry. Hunger is the feeling of
discomfort or weakness caused by a lack of food
coupled with a desire to eat. How hungry are you? When you feel like throwing in the towel, when you feel like surrendering
everything you worked for remember why you started, remember how you felt
when you started, you were hungry. When you want to let go, when you want to surrender, when you want to stop, when you're ready to quit, when you have failed and failed again. Let me remind you what got you here hunger got you here, a strong desire got you here. You were desperate
to break curses in your family. You were desperate to break the cycle
of poverty and depression. You were desperate.
Hunger got you here. Remember this, every dream requires discipline. Every dream requires discipline. You can travel the world and study students and their behaviors
and their mindsets there is a science behind achievement. And when you study the most
successful students in the world we find that they are responsible,
they are motivated they are self-managed, they are self-aware, they have a long-lasting student mentality even after they have passed the test because they understand
that life is a test and in life there are ups
and there are downs. And so accept the responsibility, see yourself as primarily responsible
for your outcomes and your experiences. You are going to need discipline. Motivation will help you get started but discipline is going to keep you
on the road to your destiny. You got to be self-motivated. You got to find purpose in what you do by discovering personally meaningful
goals and dreams. If you're going to be a successful student, if you're going to come out on top
you've got to start managing your time. You plan and you take action in pursuit of your goals and dreams. So let me tell you something
everybody has a dream but there is a behavior
that must follow your belief system. Remember this, behavior follows belief. If you have not been able
to change your behavior to match your dream then you need to go back
and examine your belief because 10 times out of 10 if you can't change your behavior
to match your dream then you don't believe. When somebody believes everything changes. The time is coming where you are
going to feel like giving up but you're going to have
to remember why you started. You got to dig deep and learn
how to create possibilities for yourself when nobody gives you an opportunity. You have to turn your mess
into your message.


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