A message to people who feel stuck in life ❤️️

this is a message to everyone out there who currently feels stuck in life and doesn't know what to do this is also a message to me one year ago when I was at one of my lowest points in my life where nothing seemed to be going right take a deep breath this isn't the first time you've been stuck in life you've been here before maybe in another place maybe in another time but with the same familiar feelings of self-doubt failure or anxiety and hey if you've come out of it once before you can do it again did you know that when we're stuck in life it means we're about to evolve you're feeling stuck for a reason you're not happy with something or you feel like you're trapped or you feel like you've had enough the thing is you know you're meant to evolve but if I may suggest there's some fear holding you back you're scared of what things will be like when they change you're scared of letting go because it feels familiar you're scared of others or possibly yourself not being okay with the new change but most of all you're scared that you're going to lose a part of yourself take a deep breath Because You're Gonna Fly you know that there's so much more meant for you and you're not gonna let yourself hold yourself back anymore sometimes we wrap ourselves into our own Cocoon of safety but now we've overgrown it and we want more we know that there's more out there for us but are we ready are we willing to leave what we see as our life now and enter a new realm of possibilities oh yeah Our intention is one thing and it is important but there's going to be a lot of work involved are you ready to do the work take a deep breath because even though we're meant to evolve that doesn't mean it's going to be easy but that also doesn't mean you don't have the tools and the strength to do it when we feel stuck it's time to get going and at this place and at this time you can now make a decision [Music] the decision might be to finally get over those self-imposed limits and to charge forward towards the you that you've always wanted to be but were too scared to it might be to finally take that action step to change something in your life that you've been okay with for a time but now you're not it might be to finally let go of old things or old people or old patterns that you thought kept you safe but actually hinder your growth trust yourself with this decision you know what's right for you so have the courage to do it and if you've gotten to this point in the video you know exactly what you're supposed to do foreign

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