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8 Coins With KILLER Returns | Best Passive Income Cryptos

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Proof of stake is a type of consensus algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies, the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age.

Delegated Proof of Stake DPoS coins. Delegated Proof of Stake DPoS, is the fastest, most efficient and decentralized consensus today. It works like a technological democracy, using stakeholder approval voting to resolve consensus issues.

Proof of Stake PoS concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins he or she holds. This means that the more Bitcoin or altcoin owned by a miner, the more mining power he or she has.

The VITE token is the currency for simple token transactions and smart contract executions on the Vite network, with users staking VITE for transaction quota instead of consuming gas. VITE can also be used to vote for Snapshot Block Producers.

In addition, a VITE stake with unused transaction quota can lease such quota to dApps in exchange for their tokens. For instance, users can stake VITE in exchange for ViteX’s native decentralized exchange token, VX.

What Is CRO? Chain is yet another project launched by the Hong Kong-based payment and cryptocurrency platform company also known as CRO Protocol Labs. By this, the team hopes to combine the token's global ambition with the adoption support inspired by real-life use cases.

What is the Internet of Services Token? IOST is an enterprise-level blockchain system in the making from the Internet of Services. The platform is focused on blockchain technology that is ready for mass adoption through Blockchain as a Service.

Waves is a decentralized, a blockchain-based platform, which can be used for trading and various other exchanges. The platform is fueled by the cryptocurrency of the same name – Waves the creation of own crypto-coins and Decentralized Apps DApps has been possible ever since the launch of the network.

Elrond describes itself as a new blockchain architecture, designed to bring a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed. Thus, Elrond can reportedly process upwards of 10,000 transactions per second TPS, with 5-second latency, and negligible cost.

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