7 tactics to EXPLODE Etsy sales in 2024 💥 | How to sell on Etsy the RIGHT WAY in 2024

it's the start of a new year and with that comes all the possibility of building a business that's actually profitable and can truly change your life I know it may sound dramatic or cliche but I truly mean it when I say it's totally possible for you to start and scale an Etsy business that brings in consistent revenue and that could allow you to work from home on your terms finally doing something you love I know because it happened to me and has happened for so many of my students as well so maybe you're just thinking about the idea of starting an Etsy shop this year and wondering how to sell on Etsy successfully or maybe you've already got an Etsy shop open but just haven't seen the growth and steady stream of sales that you've been wanting either way this video is for you friend because I'm sharing the top seven things that you'll need to implement this year to start grow and scale a highly profitable Etsy shop and build the online business you've been dreaming of let's dive in [Music] hey friends welcome back to the channel if you're new here and we haven't met yet I'm Kate I'm a wife mom Etsy seller and business coach and I'm here to help you start and skill your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love if you're excited about these seven tips today then give a little love tap on that thumbs up button and let's get going so the first thing you want to focus on this year to build a successful Etsy Shop is to position yourself as the specialist now what I mean by this is that you want to get really specific about the product that you're offering and you don't want to offer too many random things all in one shop that gets really confusing for Shoppers and doesn't show that you're an expert or a specialist in one thing consumers want to buy from the person they feel most confident in the business that they feel like is most expert most professional most trustworthy for the category of the thing they're thinking of purchasing so you want to Niche down and get really specific and decide on one category of product that you could start out offering you position yourself as The Specialist or the expert in this one field because you're going to get better and better and you're going to increase your knowledge about it you're going to learn how to make it better quality you're going to offer all different variations within this one category so when a buyer lands on your shop they automatically feel like you know what you're doing you specialize in this one thing and they have a higher level of trust in your business because of it so don't be afraid to get super specific and be the sign person or the phone case person or the digital planner person you can always Branch out later and even start a second shop if you want but trust me picking one thing to focus on and positioning yourself as The Specialist and that one thing is going to serve you really well all right tip number two is to level up your photos if you've watched any other videos of mine you know how important your photos are photography is key for being successful on Etsy and the first way to go about leveling up your photos is to do research on product photography product photography is very different than family portraits or other types of Photography so you want to do specific research on what makes a product photo really eye-catching and click-worthy you also want to look at the types of photos that are doing really well for other bestseller listings within your Niche success leaves Clues so look at the list listings that are working really well for similar things to what you're wanting to sell and take note of what types of photos that listing uses is it a model image is it a flat lay is it something on a hanger is it staged with lifestyle props or is it plain what types of surfaces and backgrounds are being used you want to be really observant of this because there's a reason these types of photos are working well for those specific products now I would encourage you also if you have a little bit of room in your budget to invest in a few things that will make your photos really stand out and increase the level of professionalism now I'm not meaning that you have to go out and buy an expensive camera of course if you have room in your budget for that that might be something that you could look into but you can generally do just fine with a camera on a smartphone but I'm talking things like investing in some professional looking backboards or Surface boards or a lighting kit or specific props just adding a few of these extras can really take your photos up to the next level consider having some lifestyle images as well maybe with friends that you asked to model your items for you or to use them in some way that your product would really be used in real life to give them aspirational photos for your Shopper be creative and offer The Shopper views from different angles up close far away they want to see it as many ways as possible and the more quality photos you can use on your listing the better one extra tip here that I really wish someone had shown me how to do early on is how to get that really nice blurry looking background if you've noticed a lot of product photos will have the product in focus in the foreground and then whatever's in the background will be really blurry and out of focus this is a photography technique using depth of field and really putting some extra focus on the product itself it makes it look really sharp really clear and really professional now of course if you're using a real camera you can achieve this effect by setting your aperture really low but you can also achieve a similar effect with a SmartPhone by using portrait mode play around with it and see if that effect might work for some of your photos because I personally think that adds such a level and a feel of professionalism okay moving on to tip number three and that is to increase your knowledge of Etsy strategy you've probably heard me say it before but I truly believe leaders are Learners you never want to stop learning and being more strategic and smarter with the way that you build your business there are so many Dynamics at play when it comes to building a successful Etsy shop that can actually break through the market saturation be discovered and make consistent sales but I guarantee you the shops that have reached that level of success are the ones that know what they're doing and they're putting smart strategy into place they're not just tossing up some listings that they've really guessed on and crossing their fingers and hoping that something happens they've researched and they know what works with the Etsy algorithm to be discovered what consumers are looking for and what elements need to be in place in a listing to make the sale so you never want to stop learning and being informed as to how to create and optimize listings that'll actually get discovered and stand out on the pl

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