7 SECRET Websites That Pay You To Work From ANYWHERE: Up To US$250 A HOUR / US$150K A YEAR Jobs

traditional office spaces are rapidly becoming a relic of a past time because with the rise of remote work professionals across the globe are embracing the flexibility and freedom that comes with it people are saying goodbye to the monotonous 9 to5 routine and hello to working from anywhere worldwide because all you need to make that happen is a laptop and reliable internet connection so in this video I will uncover seven exceptional websites that are not commonly known for the most part that not only offers the opportunity to work remotely but we'll also pay you very generously for your skills with earnings up to$ 250 us per hour or upwards of $150,000 per year so whether you're a professional or someone seeking an entrylevel position or someone who is right in between the professional and the entrylevel job Seeker this video is for you discover how to start earning from the comfort of your home or while traveling the world with these seven amazing reputable websites welcome back Rockstars it's so great to have you on the Rockstar Academy for another video where I'm trying to share something with you that I'm hoping you find Value in and if you are not yet a rockar I would appreciate it if you would subscribe so that we can solve that issue and if you learn anything of value in this video I would really appreciate you likeing it as well and sharing your thoughts with me in the comments if you are a YouTube Club member thanks as well for your support along with the patron subscribers and club members now we have some amazing websites to cover so let's jump right into it and the first one that we're going to talk about is one that I hadn't heard about and this one pays exceptionally well it is top tal and the we website is total.com now I'm going to pop up these links for all the websites that I'm going to share on patreon so that you can easily get access to them by clicking the link if you are a YouTube member I'm going to pop it up on the Community page as well so that as a member you can click and get access to these websites readily I'll also put a link in the description of this video where you can get to the the links on patreon and click to get access from there but if you're not a subscriber on either of those platforms I'm going to pop up the links here on screen or at least the web pages and you can take a note of the correct spelling of the website and search for it on Google to explore these opportunities now toptal actually Prides itself on connecting top tier freelance Talent that have skills in software development design and also product management and it links these top tier Freelancers with leading companies out there its rigorous vetting process actually ensures that only the top 3% of applicants join their ranks which makes it obviously a prestigious platform for Freelancers unlike the common Fiverr and upwork now the way it works is prospective Freelancers actually undergo a comprehensive screening process including language and personality tests and they also do an indepth skills review and live screening tasks to ascertain your level of competence once you're accepted and you're now a member of this prestigious website you can get get access to high paying projects from startups to Fortune 500 companies to apply you must submit an application through the top tals website and make sure that you Showcase in your profile your professional experience and your competences from an earnings potential perspective toptal actually boasts some of the highest rates in the freelance industry due to its exclusive network of professionals developers designers Finance experts and product managers can earn anywhere from 50 to $250 per hour or upwards of $150,000 a year obviously the exact amount that you're going to earn is going to depend on your level of expertise the complexity of the job that you're doing or the project that you're working on and as I shared in this video your negotiation skills with the clients because that's one of the skills that I share that will pay you forever now let's move on to the second website that's relatively uncommon where you can work from anywhere across the globe and make excellent money and it is wellfound decom now this company is for known as angelist talent and well found is a platform that's dedicated specifically to the tech industry on this particular platform they host about 130,000 tech jobs and this is across 27,000 companies across the globe so this is a website where you'll be able to leverage worldwide opportunities it focuses on Bridging the Gap between Tech professionals and Innovative companies job Seekers create profiles highlighting their skills obviously and also your experiences and you can indicate your job preferences and then companies will actually make contact with you directly as a candidate wellfound also provides tools for tracking applications and from managing job offers as an applicant you can visit their website where you can directly sign up as I'm showing you here on screen and this will give you the ability to connect with thousands of tech companies like I mentioned earlier across the globe given this company or their websites focus on the tech industry salaries can range widely software developers as an example can earn anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000 for full-time positions while Freelancers and contract workers can earn an hourly rate that ranges anywhere from 30 to $150 and this of course is going to depend on their skill level or I should say your skill level or your level of expertise now this next platform is one that I've talked about so if you watch my videos it shouldn't be unfamiliar to you but it's relatively unknown to many people and it's Flex jobs.com now Flex jobs actually specializes in remote and flexible job listings and they have many opportunities as you can see here on their website where you can work from anywhere you can actually filter jobs by work from anywhere and then apply accordingly now Flex jobs features over 50,000 jobs from over 5,400 companies across various Industries and across the globe as well it is designed for those seeking to escape the traditional 9 to5 setting like myself and I'm sure many of you watching this as well rockstars users subscribe to access curated job listings that are actually verified by the organization to ensure that they're legitimate and remote friendly the platform also offers various tools including job search tips and resume templates I find Flex jobs very useful especially for persons that I coach who are looking for work from home or flexible opportunities to give them an additional stream of income or to even retire from going into a structured office setting and working from anywhere as a CPA and this is a real life story that I'm telling you because I was able to recommend to a CPA who was living in the US a job that I found on Flex job that allow them to be between Jamaica and their us home at any time that they sa

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