7 Highest Return Monthly Dividend Stocks to Fill Your Pockets

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I love dividend stocks but don’t love waiting to get paid every three months. That’s why a lot of my cash flow portfolio is in monthly dividend stocks. The problem is, many of the highest yield monthly payers aren’t the best for your portfolio. You might collect a double-digit dividend for a while but the stock price falls and wipes out your return. The best monthly dividend stocks are the ones that pay you a consistent dividend and grow the share price.

That’s why I wanted to create this video, to show you how to find the top monthly dividend stocks and share my seven favorites. I’ll start by showing you why total return is just as important as a high dividend yield and show you how to find it. I’ll then help you find the best monthly dividend stocks to buy and reveal the seven with the highest returns over the last five years.

These are dividend stocks that not only pay you every single month but that have produced an annual return from 12% to as high as 19% over the last half decade. I’ll lay out this monthly dividend stock list, why I like each stock and the total return.

I know we all love those high dividend yields but what good is it if you lose all your returns when you go to sell the stock? Even worse, what happens when the company cuts the dividend? Then you’re left with a lower yield and a loss on the shares. You have absolutely got to factor in the share price return as well as dividend yield when picking your stocks.

Besides that total return, I also looked at dividend sustainability to create this dividend stocks list. I looked at the payout ratio and distribution coverage for each stock to make sure it could keep paying the dividend and maybe even increase it over time.

This doesn’t mean total return is sacred when it comes to investing in monthly dividend stocks. You can balance dividend yield and return depending on your preference. If you want a higher immediate cash flow and aren’t quite as concerned with the price return, then go with the highest yields but don’t totally ignore return either. You’ll notice I strike a balance between the seven top dividend stocks. Some offer higher yields but maybe a little lower return while others might not pay as high of dividends but give you stronger appreciation.

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6:50 Why Total Return is as Important as Dividend Yield
7:50 Two Monthly Dividend Stocks with Returns of 16%
10:00 How to Find the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks
12:49 Highest Return Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy

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