7 EASY DIGITAL PRODUCTS to Sell on Etsy (Create + Sell these Etsy Digital Products FAST 🚀 )

easy and simple is the name of the game when it comes to starting your Etsy digital products Journey the world of creating and selling digital products online can be so overwhelming as a beginner there's so much to learn and try to figure out and though there are some amazing high-end digital products that can make a big profit on Etsy like website templates or Lightroom presets It generally takes a long time to learn and master the specific skills it takes to create and sell those kind of digital products but the good news for those who may be beginners is that there are also several in-demand digital product types that have a little bit of a lower barrier to entry these are products that can be fairly quickly learned and created in a shorter amount of time and ones that while requiring some design skill won't require days upon days of education like some of the other more complicated digital products might so in this video I'm sharing seven of what I consider to be the simplest digital products to sell on Etsy I'm excited to dive in but first I want to let you know if you're new here and we haven't met yet I'm Kate I'm a wife mom Etsy seller and business coach and I'm here to help you start and skill your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love I started out as an Etsy seller in 2015 and over the years have worked my way up to the top one percent and currently own a six-figure Etsy shop so I've learned a lot in those years that I've been on Etsy and I'm so blessed and honored now to coach thousands of other students to find success in growing a profitable Etsy shop I have a free 60-minute Master Class if you're interested in going deep and learning my personal strategy and the strategy that I coach my students with the five pillars of etsy success that have brought my shop to where it is today so if you want to get in on that Master Class after you watch this video I'll have it linked below again totally free to you and I think it's going to be a huge help as you get started with your Etsy shop or if you already have one to help you grow it and scale it to the next level I want to quickly mention as we go through these seven digital products is that digital products on Etsy specifically can be in two different categories you can deliver your digital product as an instant download or a made to order file to your customer an instant and download is a digital product where you're going to upload a file that then is going to be instantly given to your customer after the transaction goes through alternatively you can offer a made to order file which is not available instantly to your customer this is something that you're going to need to edit or create on your end as the seller after your customer purchases likely because it's something that needs to be customized for them on your end so if you have something that you're editing as the seller that would be considered a made to order file and you would then deliver the final file to your customer after you have created it or made the changes to it that need to be made so as we go through these seven digital products I'm going to be specifically mentioning which type of product it is whether it's an instant download or a made to order file one common type of instant download is actually a template so some of these may be in the form of a template that your customer can then go and edit themselves in a design software like canva alright let's go ahead and hop into the seven simple digital products and digital product type number one that we're going to talk about today is invitations so this first digital product invitations can actually be in either of of these categories you might find a digital invitation for sale in the form of a canva template where then you're delivering the link for a template that your customer is going to go on and edit the text and the fonts and the colors themselves and then use that file to print out if they want you'll also find some digital invitations that might be customized by the seller on your end and so it's not a template that you're delivering to the buyer it's a listing where your buyer isn't telling you exactly the information maybe the name time date of the party or whatever the invitation is for and you are then customizing it creating a final file and then delivering that to your customer so let's look at this on Etsy I've typed in baby shower invitation and when I get these results that come up on the first page since I have my everbe Chrome extension installed I can come over here to product analytics and it'll show me all of these product analytics for the Etsy listings that were populated on that page of search results so these are all different kinds of baby shower invitations and I can come on here and sort by estimated monthly Revenue I'm going to click on this until I see the highest for first so we see this first because I want to look at the best-selling listings for this keyword and see that there's actually demand for this type of invitation so the highest is an estimated monthly revenue of over 3 300 per month and if I click on this I can see exactly what this listing is all right so this is a really cute teddy bear hot air balloon themed baby shower invitation and if I come down to the listing description I can see where it says this listing is a DIY editable invitation template nothing will be physically shipped to you so we see this is not a physical invitation that's going to be shipped this is a digital product that is actually in the form of a template so if we were to purchase this as the Shopper then it would be an instant download because we would receive the link to that template and we would then be able to click through on that link to edit all of the different texts and fonts and colors whatever is editable on this template for ourselves we could then download that file and print it or use it however we would like but I can see here if I go back to the product analytics for that term baby shower invitation the top ones there's several that are over a least a thousand dollars a month in estimated monthly Revenue so this validates for me through a bit of product research that this actually is a great niche of invitation that is highly in demand and highly profitable if you're looking at selling invitations I would definitely recommend that you Niche down on a specific type of invitation to start with whether it be a kid's birthday party theme wedding invitations office party there are so many different types but you can do some product research on Etsy and find out what might be the best Niche for you to start in now like I mentioned before you can go the route of offering an editable template or a made to order file where you're doing the editing on your side I do have a few videos created if you're interested in going step by step through how to actually use canva to create an editable canva template that you can then

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