7 AI Tools that Will Make you RICH in 2024

hi Anastasia here when it comes to AI you can either hop on the train or watch it speed by with all the new AI tools it seems like every new name or brand is a GameChanger but the truth is that a lot of these AI tools are just shiny objects here's the deal an AI tool worth it sold should do one of the two things either make your money or give you back your time it should St line your workflow not complicated so I've got something special for you in this video the seven AI tools that truly deliver on their promise and the first category of tools that I wanted to talk about are AI website Builders remember the days when building a website was a marathon of coding designing and content creation a time consuming and and costly Endeavor that could stretch on for months costing a small fortune then website Builders like WordPress wig and Shopify emerged the cost of creating a website got a lot lower but even with these tools it still can take hours as you tweak designs write content and navigate the learning curve of using these Builders themselves that's where AI steps in with AI by website Builders like 10 web. or durable you can leap from zero to a full-fledged visually studying website in just a few minutes just feed thei some basic info like what your website is all about and then sit back and watch as it creates your site from design to copy even handpicking images you cannot just build your own website with within a few minutes but you can also use AI tools like this to outpace the competition you can offer rapid sophisticated website creation services and earn top dollar for your efficiency and expertise these AI tools don't just save you time so they open new revenue streams for you I'll give you the links to all the tools mentioned in this video in the description and in the pinned comment below this video so you can try the tools for yourself most of the tools will have free plans or at least a free trial period now let's talk about content repurposing AI tools it's not a secret that short videos are super popular now they are short enough to keep your attention but for making this you usually need a team of editors even if you were to repurpose your long form videos that's where AI video repurposing tools like clip AI can work like magic clip AI can take a long video and make several shorts from it with just a few clicks the AI in clip is really smart it looks through your video finds the most interesting parts and creates short clips from them even automatically adding subtitles this means more people will watch your short videos because they are not going to be boring clip can also pick out specific parts of a video if you tell it which keywords to look for and this tool is really valuable because it saves so much time and money and short videos are everywhere these days plus you can even start your own content repurposing business and make the short videos for your clients with clip AI the next tool we're talking about is tdai and Lyra [Music] chatbots if you're a small or medium business owner looking to level up your customer experience without breaking the bank this is the right time to talk about tdai who partnered with me for this section of the video tdai can be your new secret weapon in customer satisfaction and sales growth it's the tech upgrade for your business it offers Cutting Edge AI features without the premium price tag TD offers a conversational AI chat bot called Lyra you can focus on what really matters growing your business and in increasing your income while lyro can automate up to 70% of your customer interactions imagine a customer service that's fluent natural and always learning and available 24/7 that's Lyra for you it chats like a human gets smarter with every conversation and it keeps track of what your customers need if you had a support team in your business before Lyra can save the expenses because you don't need the customer support team anymore and when your customers are happy they stick around boosting your satisfaction ratings through the roof ultimately it helps you earn more money with your business it's a breeze to set up no training required just one click and you in business armed with an AI That's Got Your Back lyro cuts down response times to Mere seconds making sure that you are there when your customers need you securing sales at any day or time and we're talking quality responses here because lyus sticks to what it knows providing accurate data-backed answers if things get really tricky it smartly hands off to your human team ensuring that your customers always get the help that they need if you think that AI is just a future concept it's not anymore so supercharge your sales and customer service with tdo and lyro you can sign up now for a free tdo account us using the special link for my viewers and you'll find it in the description below whenever you feel that you need more features and you're ready for an upgrade then you can get a 20% discount using my link now the next category of AI tools are the tools for emails one of the most time consuming things for many business owners is replying to emails you can speed up this process using using AI tools these days two very popular options here that I could suggest would be chat GPT writer and this is a Chrome extension or Google's AI writing tools that's available for workspace users it works for both your Gmail account and for your Google Docs but for now it's only available to users in the United States that's why I would say that chat GPT writer might be a more accessible tool globally all you need to do one once the Chrome extension is installed open an email hit reply and write a short answer like sounds great and AI will elaborate based on the content of the email that you received now of course you will not always need this lengthy and formal replies and in that case you can add that you want a short answer and maybe C casual tone and the tool will regenerate the text for you the next one is Kittle I use this tool to create all kinds of graphic design especially since I started exploring print on demand business ideas they have this AI image generation feature integrated in kle so you can design fun stickers like these remove any background generated by AI upscale the image for better quality and place your designs on mockups all of this is offered in one tool it works in a browser and is very beginner friendly just look at the list of AI based image editing tools and you can here generate AI product backgrounds or you can remove the background with AI you can turn any image into vector format with AI you can create images from a text prompt in different styles or even generate AI quotes for merchandise I prefer using k instead of another tool that you probably heard about instead of me Journey because Kittle is very beginner friendly the interface is super intuitive and their commercial license applies to all the graphics and fonts within their Library inclu

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