$60 /HR Best Ai Side Hustle – Free Tools – [I Made Over $94,000 So Far]

[Music] here are some screenshots of actual money hitting my account using the method that I'm about to show you that's right this is a method that I've been using for years and I know you've seen lots of videos out there about side hustles just click chat CPT and you're gonna get rich they say or go clean out people's garbage bins have you seen that one get out of here so today you are in for a treat I'm actually going to show you a real method that makes real money it's free and completely easy to do but first a question what's the difference between someone making eight dollars an hour and someone making sixty dollars an hour if you think you know put it in the chat box in the comments below and if you said thoughts you are correct but we're not talking about positive mindset Kumbaya Law of Attraction no we're talking about the thoughts that differentiate you in the marketplace for example a doctor has very expensive thoughts because they went to med school and they know a lot about the human body when I go to a doctor and say hey what's this they know exactly what it is because they went to school and that made their thoughts worth lots of money but what about you maybe you don't want to go to med school or you don't have a quarter of a million dollars to go to some fancy lawyer school or something like that how are you going to be able to make sixty dollars an hour or more well when it comes to the world of AI and chat GPT it all has to do with the thoughts you have that determines the output you get from Ai and right now there are lots of people wanting good quality content that you can create using chat GPT or any other AI program in about 15 minutes and get paid tons of money and it's actually extremely simple so if you can give me just 90 minutes of your time I guarantee that you are going to learn a method that is worth over 60 dollars an hour now it is going to take some effort you will have to learn a few new things that you probably didn't know before but all in all I think this is going to be one of the most important trainings that you ever watch if you're interested in making money online with a simple little side hustle because I'm going to show you how this side hustle works and how you can use free AI tools to get paid as much as one dollar every minute that you work second I'm going to show you exactly where to go to find people that are willing to pay you tons of money for this simple little service and third I'm going to show you how to ramp it up exactly like I did to make over sixty dollars an hour if that's what you want to do now remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person watching make money online videos makes nothing however I think you're gonna see that this method is super simple and it works for those willing to give it an honest try so if you're ready to learn this method get your notebook get a pen smash a like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what I'm going to do is walk you through a very simple side hustle that I believe can make sixty dollars an hour or more we're going to talk about ways that you can ramp this up ways that it works and kind of how to get started and everything like that by the end of this video you're going to know exactly what you need to do so that you can go and do it it's going to be extremely simple but we're going to need a little bit more coffee because we got a lot to go through today so get ready with your notepad and your pen and everything like that and we are going to go through this method step by step line by line very very simple so what we're going to do first of all is take a look at what this is when we're looking at a side hustle we need to look at proof of concept that there's actually money in the market now in just a minute we're going to go over here and I'm going to show you the magic thing that is not working apparently there we go the magic thing over here behind this screen or piece of paper rather I'm going to show you the magic words that are going to make this thing work now this is something that you can use using free AI tools if you want to use Bard or chat GPT the free versions will be plenty enough we are also going to use a keyword tool you can use the ahrefs keyword tool right like this this is actually the free keyword tool so it's very simple to use it doesn't cost anything yes you can start this with literally nothing now for those of you who are in it to win it there are some methods I'm going to show you that will cost a little bit of money but I'm not asking you to pay me you'd actually go and and get the tools on your own right I'm not making much on this at all but you might so we're going to show you how this works and again what I want to do is share something of good value because I know there's a lot of junk out there and I want to show something that actually works that you can use and get a result so what we're going to do here is we're going to take a look at different places that actually sell content okay the idea here is going to be content but I want you to focus really really closely because nobody on planet Earth wants content just like you look at Netflix nobody wants content like Netflix doesn't want content they want viewers this is very important because if you understand this this is going to be like I talked about in the beginning where those thoughts are going to make you the money and it's not law of attraction this is something very very simple so here we have content at scale you could see that this is a tool that actually costs money if you look at the pricing this is for AI content so people are paying as much as fifteen hundred dollars a month or more for AI generated content I am one of those people I actually pay a lot more than that for AI generated content now you can generate AI content for free which means that if you could do as good as one of these services and add this little Magic Touch I think you can actually make a lot more now with this what we're looking at this one here allows 100 posts per month at fifteen hundred dollars a month which means if I could make a piece of content using AI for free and create it as good as some of these platforms then I can make fifteen dollars per piece of content now what I'm going to teach you here is how to make these in about 15 minutes pretty simple right very very very important so we're going to look look at this and we are going to take a look and understand how this works okay very important because again remember the key here is that nobody wants content well Marcus you don't understand these people over here are paying money for Content yes but that's not what they want they want something else and that's super super important now when we look at this we can also see higher Riders higher writers is a popular place that you can buy content from I have bought over one hundred thousand dollars

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