5 No-Face YouTube Channels Examples (Making $300 / DAY)

what you are looking at right here is the stats for a youtube channel but it's not just any youtube channel the youtube channel we're looking at right here is completely faceless completely voiceless and requires almost no editing in fact i don't think anyone even knows who runs this youtube channel but as you can see here it's making anywhere from nine thousand dollars a month to 130 000 a month which amounts to somewhere between 100 000 a year and 1.7 million dollars a year and here's the thing youtube is chock full of channels just like this one random everyday people who are not comfortable putting themselves on a camera like i am right now but are still making very very good incomes using youtube that's even better than bitcoin so what this video is is we're going to be showing you a bunch of different examples of these channels some of these channels require just no face others require no face and no voice but make sure you stay till the end because the channel we just highlighted is going to be at the end and that doesn't require a face it doesn't require a voice it requires pretty much no editing and the entire video can be done completely from a smartphone in probably about 15 minutes now i want to talk briefly about the reason for doing this video if you're anything like me your feet has blown up in the last six months with youtubers showing methods for making youtube videos with no face now they make promises like 300 a day or 500 a day a thousand dollars a day i promise you but when you actually go watch the video you quickly realize that one they've never tried the method they're showing you and two no one's really tried the method they're showing you and it's more just to get views on that video so i decided to actually go in and find real channels that are really doing this we can look at the channels see what exactly it is that they're doing that's working and kind of the no face method that they're using and talk about how much money they're making in the process the first channel we're going to be looking at is called meditation relaxed music maybe this is one you've heard of maybe you haven't but we're actually going to sort it a little differently because i want you to see their most recent videos and i want you to look specifically at the thumbnails because in this particular space right what they're doing is they're just creating relaxing music videos and in fact we'll watch one real quick all right so this is one of their most recent videos you can see right here it's uh some footage of a waterfall it's a three hour long video and the music is very very relaxing in fact i'm starting to feel relaxed already but you can see here look if i flash through to 30 minutes in an hour in uh two hours in all it's doing is looping the exact same footage of that waterfall okay with these kind of like really gentle relaxing sounds so let me explain what this channel is doing they're probably using a paid service maybe thirty to fifty dollars a month to get access to subscription music okay and this subscription meditation music you can find this for free online as well but you'll get a much bigger library if you're if you're using a paid service so i just searched free music for youtube you can see one of the bigger ones is called epidemic sound but there's other ones as well anywhere from 30 to 100 a month you can get access to all this music so they're using that and then they're just using free video footage so if i go to pixabay.com right here you'll see that pixabay.com has free stunning free stock video if i type in waterfall you can see there's hundreds and hundreds of videos that you can use completely for free of waterfalls and you can see we might even run into that exact video that we were just looking at so all they're doing is taking this free footage putting it on a loop and then they're either paying or using free sounds to create these videos now the reason they're doing so well because there's a lot of videos trying to do this is because of their thumbnails in my opinion if you look they've got very very enticing thumbnails particularly to the audience that's trying to look for this peaceful meditation music right the thumbnails really speak to that audience and that's probably the biggest one single way this channel has managed to make itself stand out they've been able to build up 2.5 million subscribers with less than 300 videos and you can see right here if we look at their income they're making anywhere from it says you know about two thousand twenty five thousand i would put them in probably the seven to ten thousand dollar range from what i know of youtube earning which puts them at about 100 000 a year with this channel they've made 300 videos and now they're making a steady consistent passive income of almost 100 000 a year and they can continue to build upon that income if they continue to put out videos which i assume they will continue to do so money money money money now the next channel is a very very different method of monetization and a very very different kind of video and this one does require a voice and so if you're not comfortable grabbing a microphone and talking like i am right now even if your face isn't showing this might not be the channel for you but this channel i would bet is making 10 million dollars a year or more off what they're doing encouragement so they have about 7 million subscribers and it's called the relaxing end and what they do is unboxing videos so you can see every picture already shows these white gloves so they were white gloves and you can see right here they're unboxing uh currently it looks like what is the new nintendo switch and that's all they do the camera shows this angle you know what they're seeing and they're just wearing these white gloves and unboxing things and they do this with tons and tons of tech products now here's the thing they're making a lot of money off youtube in fact if we go right here we can see it says they're making anywhere from 100 000 to 1 million a year but i would bet they're making significantly significantly more income off of affiliate links where they're referring people inside their description to the actual videos so a channel like this can make money in a variety of ways but one of the big ones is once they get big they can reach out to all these you know nintendo switch and say hey i'd like to do this video and nintendo switch will probably pay him a lot of money to do this they can also just send people to an affiliate link down here and they can get paid a portion of every single time someone buys so for example on this nintendo switch they do an unboxing and then they say click link down below and it's an amazon affiliate link where amazon will pay them you know two to five percent of every single sale now obviously when you've got a video getting 632 000 views you're gonna get a lot of sales off of this nintendo switch and that's gonna be a lot of m

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