5 MUST KNOW AI Scams that are STEALING your identity and MONEY

scammers and frauders may not be the most noble individuals but they are always looking for new ways to scam you and I out of some money and as we all know AI is making it easier and more difficult for them to not only steal your money but also your personal information so in this video I want to discuss five of the biggest ways that scammers are using AI to steal your money so that you can stay protected and you can protect your loved ones around you scam number one scammers are using AI powered tools to write much more convincing fishing emails text messages and leave much more convincing sounding voicemails on your phone now the increas ability of technology is allowing these scammers and frauders to sound more realistic to write more realistic and natural sounding things so that it's much more convincing for you and I to actually go along with it now I've had three of these happen to me just in the past couple of months and I want to go ahead and share those with you so that way if something similar happens to you you know what to look out for the first one is through text message in which scammer or frauder is sending me a text telling me that it's from the USPS it's the United States Postal Service which is very well known and they send it from USPS stating that one of my packages or mail has gotten lost and I need to send updated information in order for that package or mail to get properly delivered now these text messages will typically come from like an 8877 number so you really don't know okay is that the United States Postal Service and at first glance it can be very natural sounding and very professional sounding due to the advanced Ai and this is something to strongly look out for because for me a couple of times I'm like is this real you know did one of my packages get lost so this is definitely something that is starting to uptick I even spoke to my mailman he was like yes it's definitely a scam we've been alerted of this please totally ignore that you know all that good stuff the second way that they've gotten me or they've tried to get me in the past couple of months is through email PayPal apparently PayPal it looked just like a PayPal email sent me an email stating that somebody tried to make a purchase for a gun in another state and that I needed to verify this purchase so that it could go through well for me initially I was like hold on somebody's trying to use my PayPal account but after I did further digging I realized even though this looks just like a PayPal email it sounds just like a PayPal email this is not somebody trying to use my PayPal account this is a scammer email it looked totally exactly like a PayPal would it was asking me to open up a document and sign a document like you would need to if you had purchased a gun so it looked really realistic and if you get something like this definitely dig deeper because this one was not real the third way they tried to get me was through Etsy in my Etsy shop they sent me a direct message stating it was from Etsy and that all of my future sales were going to be held if I didn't go ahead and update information in their system they were going to to hold all future orders and of course for an Etsy shop that will alert you and it did alert me I was like hang on let me send them my correct information and then I did a little digging thank goodness I didn't immediately go for it I did a little digging and as I saw this is also a well-known scams so these scammers are trying to get you any way they can okay scam number two is them using AI for voiceovers or realistic photos of individuals talking and releasing information to the public so this is even scene of people paying for ads of like the president talking or a celebrity talking and it looks just like them it sounds just like their voice stating you've missed a $4,000 stimulus check all you have to do is fill out this information and if you fill out this form and send it to us we're going to let you know if you're approved for this additional stimulus check and it's President Biden and it looks just like him and sounds just like him one of the most frequently asked questions we get it verify is whether we'll get a fourth check so far Congress hasn't approved one but this video on Facebook with more than 45,000 views claims President Joe Biden signed an executive order to distribute more stimulus money this is for in the United States but I'm sure that they're using this elsewhere and this is something that is actually up ticking as AI starts to uptick more and starts to advance more they're really starting to use some of this highly advanced technology to look in sound just like other individuals telling you you hey you have free money fill out this form and you're going to get get some free money definitely look out for that one this is one that I have seen all over my account I've clicked on it to look into it and I'm like hold on something's not right about this scam number three is something that's really relevant this time of year up until the first half of the Year and that is tax season scams fraudulent tax return reports and both IRS and tax professionals also getting scammed from people allegedly looking for a new tax representative filling out a form trying to get information from the tax representative so this is for both taxpayers and people trying to get a tax return and this is also for tax professionals so this report stated that the IRS flagged just this year so far and it's only March 1.1 million possibly fraudulent tax returns already now if you're somebody who got your tax return flagged and you didn't have anything fraudulent I am so sorry to hear about that I know that that's frustrating however better safe than sorry now with this one have you ever done a Google search on yourself or your name to see exactly what it pulls up if you do this you're going to be able to see exactly what information other people in the public can just Google and the information that it actually pulls up about now as bad as this sounds there are literally companies called Data brokers who collect and sell your personal information to spammers scammers hackers and anybody else who may want to Target you and I your name your home address your health records what you buy your relatives all of this information floating around on the web can really put you at risk it's really dangerous especially during this time of year during tax season in 2023 the IRS flagged 2.4 million tax returns with refunds totaling roughly $ 13.8 billion for possible identity theft this is one of the many reasons that I'm a longtime user of Aura which is the sponsor of today's video Aura monitors the web 24/7 to see which data Brokers are selling my personal information and your personal information and then automatically submitting requests on our behalf to remove us from these lists cleaning up my personal information has not only reduced the amount of spam calls and emails

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