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5 Best Short-Term Investments to Make Now

Sometimes you can’t wait for returns on long-term investing. Sometimes you need to make money now! These five best short-term investments can help you make money fast! Don’t miss the free webinar and three stock trading signals you need to know!

You know I love long-term investing for that strategy to get rich slowly but sometimes you need to make a lot of money fast. That’s when you need the short-term investing ideas that can help you make money without too much risk. The five quick investment ideas in this video are risky but they also offer the opportunity to get rich faster.

In this video, I’ll show you the difference between long-term and short-term investing. I’ll explain the strategies around short-term investments and how to find the best. I’ll then reveal the five best short-term investments to make right now to get rich.

Understand what makes short-term investing different is its focus on investor sentiment signals and other near-term events rather than the fundamental or intrinsic value of a stock. Over the long-term, that intrinsic value will guide the investment but in the short-term, it’s a different set of factors. There’s just as much research involved in short-term investing, it’s just a different kind of research.

We’ll start with technical analysis and stock trading as a short-term investing idea. This is something we haven’t covered on the channel before so I’m excited to partner with Thomas Carvo on a free webinar of stock trading signals. We’ll talk about on-balance volume, social sentiment signals and moving averages in stock trading and show you how to use each in your short-term trades.

I’ll then show you how to invest in penny stocks for quick profits. This is different from the long-term approach I usually take with penny stocks but you can make money fast in these small-cap companies. We’re up more than 60% in just two weeks since our most recent penny stock video.

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Options are another great short-term investment to make money as well as limiting risk and other uses. I’ll show you some examples of options investments but there’s a lot of detail in the strategy so don’t miss this prior video on options investing.

I’ll also show you some short-term trading ideas with leveraged ETFs and in bitcoin trading. All of these ideas come with more risk than long-term investing but it’s the only way to make money fast and there are ways to limit your risk while still enjoying the returns. Try more than one of these short-term investing ideas so you smooth out your returns if one fails but two or three go on to produce those triple-digit returns.

0:00 Best Short-Term Investments to Make Now
0:55 What is Technical Analysis and Swing Trading?
2:55 How to Make Money Fast in Penny Stocks
5:30 What is the Difference between Long-Term and Short-Term Investing?
6:54 How to Use Options for Short-Term Profits
10:27 Short-Term Trading Options with Leveraged ETFs
13:28 Short-Term Investing Ideas in Bitcoin Trading

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