11 Unpopular Websites & Ways (Not Surveys) To Make Up To $80 Per Hour Online

rock stars I have shared enough survey sites so we're going to take a break today that said here are 11 secret websites and I'm referring to them as secret because not many persons have heard about them and they are not survey sites importantly but what they are are great ways to make up to $80 per hour online working from the comfort of your [Music] home it's so great to have you back thank you for your support I'm grateful that said let's jump into our video today and the first option that I'm going to share with you to make money online that's not a survey is product tube and product tube is a Premium app that actually Rewards s users for making short videos about everyday products now you guys know that I love doing product reviews you saw the one about the lap desk and also the one with the lantern so I fell in love with this particular opportunity to make money and I'm hoping you will too because it's not just rewarding but it also can pay a ton of money when done right you can earn money by creating short at home videos recording videos at a store as an example and exploring new product Concepts provided on the app that is owned by product tube and you can do so using augmented realities as well this app and again most of these that I'm sharing they can be done from your phone but this app product tube it will allow you to earn any where from $50 to $80 per hour by posting these video reviews when they are approved and I'm going to share the product tube link on patreon so if you are subscribed there you can easily click the link and get to all the websites that I'm going to share today but if you're not I'll pop them up here on screen so that you can see at least the page get the spelling right and then search for them on Google if you are a YouTube member I'll also share the links on the Community page for members as well and to make it easy for those of you who are on patreon I'm going to put a link in the description of this video and when you click it it will take you to all the different links for these moneymaking opportunities that are not surveys that I'm about to share let's move to the second one on our list and it is home homestyler.com now homestyler.com is actually where users can visit to create 3D designs of products and homes free of cost so do you know how sometimes when you're online you'll see the layout of a house but you know it's not really done yet and it looks beautiful and you can go through the different rooms or if you're selling a home as a realtor as an example and you want to provide a 3D layout of the property or whatever product for that matter that allows you to create a 3D layout home Styler is the ideal platform to do so before this platform people would pay professionals to create 3D designs for them and it would cost a ton of money you can create a free account on home styler and you will get unlimited one K rendering and free 2K as well as video render using hyle points but how does it make you money rockstars you can basically use these designs to sell your services on websites like Fiverr if you type 3D design on fiverr.com you're going to find thousands of people that are offering 3D printing designs and technical engineering drawings and they're doing so at a premium and by leveraging this platform you can join those Freelancers and create an opportunity to make money online doing something fun and very creative for free now the next platform on our list that's not a survey that will allow you to make money online is V and if you are a content creator you'll absolutely love this platform it's a website where anyone can create a great video video using AI you can create your first video for free and you can do more than 10 minutes of a project using this particular website free of cost as well one of the reasons why this platform is very popular is because it has a fantastic AI that helps you to use another person's voice to read your text as an example you can use this feature to have a British American or any other accent without having to pay for it when creating your videos and getting the text or the script of your video to be read by one of these voices and you can do so at no cost to you now the next platform on the list is one I've spoken about and it's best Mark and best Mark is a secret shopping website that you can sign up for to start earning easy money for the most part and get free food and services that you can leverage on that platform in the process of making money now again you're not doing survey and as a secret shopper your job is to perform tasks and then provide details about the experience while you were performing these tasks you can earn as much as $35 per hour depending on the assignment and again I'm going to put the website on patreon and on the YouTube page for members and this is of course the Community page another platform is rapify and I've spoken about this one before rapify is an app that pays you to professionally wrap your car like I'm showing you here on screen and drive it around as you normally would but because your car is wrapped as a now advertisement in branding you'll be able to make money by driving the car that you already drive because you have now figured out a way to monetize it with this website the more you drive the more rapify is going to pay you and you can make anywhere from $200 to $400 per month for doing something that you would already be doing anyway which is driving your vehicle around now current is the next platform on the list and this is current rewards and this is one of the best websites out there and it does have an app for earning money while listening to music playing video games or even watching YouTube videos you can earn rewards by listening to songs and engaging in other point earning activities that are available on the website the platform allows you to either withdraw your money as a gift card or directly into your PayPal account as an example now you'll be able to download this app from the app store or the Google Play Store and the app has no Geographic limitations so you'll be able to earn money using the current app from across the globe now you're not going to make a lot of money per hour or even per day using the current APP think about it if a lot of people were making lifechanging money listening to music like you do on this app or playing video games or watching YouTube videos who would go to work who would go to manufacture food so that we can eat who would go to make clothing so that we have something to wear absolutely nobody so you need to set your expectations right and know that for this particular platform because what you're doing is so simple your ability to earn a lot of money is not as great so you'll be able to earn a few extra dollars per hour or per day what I recommend you do is do this with several of the others that I'm mentioning here in this video so you can maximize your earnings with some that's paying up to that

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