10 Small Business Ideas YOU can start under $100 As A WOMAN (Make Money From Home)

number nine now this one blew my whole mind away because $900 in a single day for this I said the girls have to know if you're a woman and you've been searching for small business ideas that appeal specifically to us then this is the video for you if you're new here hi I'm Vanessa and on this channel we talk all things small business ideas side hustle ideas making money Building Wealth as a woman and today girl I have not five not even seven but 10 small business ideas for you and no we're not going to be talking about bundles we're not going to be talking about lashes none of the really played out business ideas these are business ideas that appeal specifically to us and literally any woman can start any of these business ideas with barely any capital and the best part is that many of these business ideas can be done from home and if you miss everything else in this video make sure you don't miss number three and number nine because those two they make the most money they're the easiest to start and I have the tea on how to get started so if you're really here for the small business ideas and the side hustle ideas go ahead and hit the like button cuz it lets me know that this is the kind of content that you like now girl let's get into it now number one girl when I saw this one I was so shocked I went down a rabbit hole only to find that a lot of people are becoming sixf fig seven fig business owners simply by creating and selling something called Cash stuff and envelopes my name is Jasmine Taylor I'm 31 from emero Texas and my business brought in over $800,000 last year girl did you hear that number two number two is to create and sell t-shirts for little girls now you and I know that the t-shirt business is a little bit played out but that's just for adults moms care about what they're putting on their children if you're able to create shirts that have text that are empowering especially for maybe little girls for example little black girls if you have something like your hair is beautiful or you are a queen and your skin is popping moms usually get excited about Brands like that and you can position yourself in the marketplace get on canva design your own shirts and start empowering young girls while also getting to the big bag number three there's a reason why I told you to wait until number three okay because this small business idea is very very accessible to literally any woman anywhere in the world here's the secret you want to find products that sell all year round to any kind of person for example look at this product it has sold over 58,000 ,000 pieces and the person who created this has generated over $585,000 from an Etsy store now I know you might be watching this and you might think okay good for her but how do I find the right pieces how do I position myself I don't know where to start girl I got you the person I learned from by taking her class about Etsy has a class on skillshare who've been kind enough to sponsor this video skillshare is an amazing platform with thousands of incredible teachers who have done what it is that you are trying to do from launching a Etsy store to editing videos to starting a YouTube channel it's all un skillshare this class by Tiffany Emory would teach you everything you need to know about setting up an Etsy store for Success Tiffany runs a million dooll Etsy store so if there's anybody to learn from it's her and guess what thanks to this partnership the first $1,000 people to use my link below have the opportunity to explore skillshare for free for one whole month and if you decide to stay with skillshare longer than that month you still get 50% off the entire first year of your membership if I were you I would run I wouldn't walk because the fact that you have access to information like this in this class for free girl don't say I never did anything for you so thanks skillshare for sponsoring this video number four is something called Retail Arbitrage and don't click out I'm going to break it down for you okay so basically what that simply means is you want to find an item that's sold for different prices in different places so for example something could be sold for $10 at Walmart $40 on Amazon and that's why there are a lot of Amazon based businesses that make so much money simply by doing this you don't have to manufacture facture the products don't have to have a warehouse you could literally run a business like this from home by simply finding items that are sold for different prices different places and so you set up your own company your own business and you have a storefront on a platform like Amazon for example or any platform that already has a Marketplace then you go shopping for this item at stores that sell it for cheaper and you just sell it for higher on your own online store number five number five is a business idea that I found out about because my home girl is getting married and wedding stay giving me ideas cuz these wedding people are making so much money did you know that Brides pay up to $85 for wedding planner books and a wedding planner is simply a low content book like it's a book that just has few lines you can go on to chat GPT and ask it what you should put in a wedding planning book and go on to a website like blur create a wedding planning book have it up for sale online in less than a week and people Brides brides who are pulling their hair out cuz they really want to get this wedding right would pay you good money for your wedding planners if you've been enjoying this video so far don't forget to hit the like button and if you want me to make a specific video about how to sell low content books online and have a quick turnaround then let me know down in the comments section also don't forget to hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell right next to it so you get notified when I make that video number six if you're a mom and you've bounced back and you're good with Fitness and you're good with your diet you know you can monetize that a friend of mine recently started a postpartum coaching company teaching women how to get back in shape after having a baby I know for most of us that's not priority one after having a baby but if you're someone that got got to a point where you were like I'm ready to lose this weight you did some workouts you ate in a certain way and you have a formula that works could actually start coaching other women to do the same thing there's a lot of demand for that especially for mothers of color so if you're a woman with this plug take up this space girl we need you number seven I'm one of those women who starts getting ready for Christmas in October and one of the things that I want to have at my Christmas party this year is handwritten name cards and I paid money for someone to write all my guest's names on cards now granted the Christmas Market might not get you to the big bag but you know what will the wedding industry yes yes people spend a lot of money on

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