10 Jobs For Women Over 40 When Money Is Tight: Up To US$300 Per Hour – Worldwide Options

in less than 3 years I'll be 50 years old and I'm very grateful that I'm not on the job market trying to find a fulfilling and a financially rewarding job as I know I would be struggling like many of you out there as women over 40 finding a job that we're passionate about a job that offers some amount of flexibility and a job that's also financially rewarding it can be as challenging as pulling teeth ESP especially when money is tight and you're struggling to make ends meet that being the case however there are many opportunities out there that cater to the unique skills and experiences of older or should I say more mature women like us and in this video I'm going to share 10 jobs or side hustles along with the potential earnings and also the platform where you can apply and how you can get started with your application process most of these 10 jobs or side hustles can be done on a part-time or on the side basis and of course they can all be done from the comfort of your home and here's the best part there's something here for everyone to make money in these difficult Economic Times when money is in short supply and that's of course to take care of your needs or even the needs of your family so if you're a woman over 40 this video is specific speically for you but Frankly Speaking regardless of your age or your gender you'll find Value in this [Music] video it's great to have you back I really appreciate the fact that you keep pressing play when my videos pop up I do not take it for granted but we have a lot to talk about so let's jump into this video now this first job that I believe is ideal for women over 40 to make some extra money working from home you may actually turn your nose up at this job because sometimes we think that we're better than certain things but there's absolutely nothing wrong with honest work and before I tell you what the job is let me give you some facts there is a company out there called laundry Heap who use this model that I'm going to share with you to launch a successful business they have a 127 employees they have been featured in Forbes and in the financial times as you can see here on screen and they have won the national business award in the UK they operate in 12 countries and in 2020 they had a valuation of $22 million and this particular service that they were offering is laundry service and some of you are still turning your nose up Etta you expect me to do people's laundry you know what it's a choice the great thing about this video is I'm going to give you many more options in the event you think you're better than doing people's laundry and I'm not going to judge you for that because this is not the place for judgment but if you are interested let me tell you how this will work with this job or side hustle you'll actually be offering laundry services to individual and businesses and you can start with a washer and a dryer at home or in the event you don't want to mix strangers laundry with your family's laundry you can actually do this in a laundr mat now you can either launch this business on your own and I'm going to show you how to create marketing material to launch your business in this video and where to share it but you can also leverage websites like popping Freelancers and sign up and provide wash and fold laundry services with popping you'll be able to make about $1 to $2 per load and as you can see here on their website laundry Pros are earning about $6,000 per month working from home on a flexible schedule to get started you just need to visit their website and select be a laundry Pro and I'm going to put all these links on patreon as usual and I'll also pop them on the Community page for YouTube members but if you're not subscribed to either just take a note of the name and you can do a quick Google search or when I pop up the pages here on screen you can also take a note of what's on screen and find the pages to follow through with the process now as I was saying earlier if you wanted to not leverage a company like poppin for providing laundry services and you wanted to launch it on your own you can actually offer laundry services within your community just go to canva and search for laundry services flyer and you're going to see a number of options here that are nicely designed for you to pick from just select one from the many designs and get it edited very easily as I'm doing here and then you post it on social media to promote your laundry service business you can also use local advertising or you can give it to someone and ask them to distribute printable flyers or share the news via Word of Mouth you can also post your laundry flyer on community bulletin boards or you can pay to advertise your services if it's worth it in terms of what you're making versus what you're spending you can also sign up to platforms like handy where customers can hire your service online using the app or even on taskrabbit.com to get customers online by launching your own laundry business you should be earning anywhere from $15 to $35 per hour and obviously this is contingent on how much work you put in and of course the number of loads that you handle or the number of loads that you fold and all that good stuff now the next job or side hustle on our list that's ideal for women over 40 as a matter of fact it's ideal for many women at different ages and even a few men but you know what our focus is today it's the job of a virtual assistant and in this capacity you're going to provide administrative support to businesses entrepreneurs or busy individuals and you're going to do so remotely from your home or even your office if you have one your tasks will include managing emails scheduling appointments making travel Arrangements handling social media accounts and Performing other clerical duties and some of the key skills you may need to be organized you may need to be a good communicator actually you will need to have good communication skills and also be proficient at Computer Applications I believe that as women over 40 your maturity as a middle-age woman will make you more experien and a great candidate for this particular job the pay is anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour the more experience you have of course the more you can potentially earn there are actually virtual assistance out there that's claiming that they're earning $300 per hour because they are providing services to a specific high demand Niche or they're providing services to high value clients to look for virtual assistant jobs you can visit job boards like indeed glass door and remote work sites like Flex job and we work remotely and you'll see many opportunities to choose from if you don't want to work for for anyone as a virtual assistant you can actually create a profile on a platform like upwork or freelancer or even Fiverr and set your rate and then assuming that you have a good profile you should be getting a few clicks of persons who are looking for your se

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