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Homedigital marketing10 Beginner Amazon FBA Mistakes To Avoid ❌

10 Beginner Amazon FBA Mistakes To Avoid ❌

Don't make these beginner Amazon mistakes that I see people do over and over again. Don't know where to start? Get access to my free 4-part video training to show you how:

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After building my own multi-million dollar Amazon FBA business and working with many other sellers, I see these 10 common mistakes that could save you time and money!

From picking the wrong products to not innovating with your products, these are the 10 things I see most commonly that cause Amazon FBA sellers to fail.

00:00 Introduction
02:30 Picking a hyper-competitive niche
04:33 Picking a product with a low selling price
06:33 Fail to innovate the product  
12:16 Unprofessional product images
15:47 Not following Amazon’s TOS
17:47 Lack of PPC management
19:13 No inventory management
22:44 Depending too much on Amazon
27:23 Starting on a 2nd product too soon
29:47 Giving up three feet from gold

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