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hi this is Tiffany Domino with how to entrepreneur about Oregon today I'm with John Kriss Donnie and I'm so excited that you joined me here and I know I have a lot of questions because I met with different affiliates together questions to ask you because everybody knows you are earning like 20,000 a day and seven hundred thousand a month and doing a lot of things online and so a lot of people really want to get to the roots of how did you get to where you are how did you overcome all of the confidence that mindset and prioritization issues that we all go through as entrepreneurs so I'm really excited to ask you questions and I'm hoping that you can help us bridge the gap so first I want to start with some background so how how long have you been in business you know I I started my first like 2008 book 4-hour work week by Tim Paris I was on a semester abroad in Thailand and I just I got hooked I said I want to travel the world I don't you know and I want to make a lot of money and you know I don't want to be beholden to a job so I started a sort of YouTube channel I had some I called it a film project and I got some people working for me for free you know just as interns and ever you know people in Thailand were super excited to work for an American you know be on a you know I can you know shoot and so I rented a camera got the interns to film you know – we were filming like a backpacking you know sere youtube series but it never went anywhere it didn't make a dime oh but I got my real started marketing I'd say in 2009 I started I always took good notes so I started taking started I did what's called offline marketing so I started putting up flyers around my school campus and I put up these little these a little healing little Flyers you know and I scribble you know I'd write a headline up here I'd write like a sub headline and then I'd have these little tear tabs and I put them around campus and I got every week and I test a new headline to see if anybody you know tour cab and that's how I measured it so basically the headline was caught the riding the tabs was the tracking wait a minute so this is in high school or is this college or Widow okay so you started at your university what where were you at this point I went to a Cal State Northridge and you know there's a big class like auditorium style class rooms in the business school you know particularly there's this like big accounting building which has like you know it's like space like I don't know it's like 400 students or something like that and there's only there's only like two sides of the buildings there's two like main entrances and exits so I would I wouldn't put up my Flyers before you know before class started before people started filtering in and I remember I would actually go and I sit at a bench kind of you know kind of across the main walkway and I'd literally watch how people interacted with my with my with my pliers wow she's and I see you know like I you know because people kind of mold around the doors before they went into class then there's you know people kind of mold around afterwards or people would you know you know just so I would just lock them and I see are they actually reading are they reading it or are they are they glancing and it is it how long you know are they reading it or are they are they turning into a bar they because during in art they you know so I so what I just offers is this that you were putting up their portions also you were you were offering them the notes from the class they just came out of ya previous masters so and I think reading up all the notes on my live in Tata oh okay cool so then about ten years ago you started you were in the university at that point and you would plan up flyers and now you are in California with lambo and claims and all these things like what so when did you start like let's start with mindset so did you ever have doubts and confidence issues that maybe you would be able to be successful or that you would be able to start a business or did you go through that phase you know like I feel like the expected answer here is like oh yeah I doubted myself but I felt you know like you know what I got so scared you know I frankly I think I got a lot of my confidence from sports I I don't think I had too much you know I played a lot of sports and I learned and learned the losing game pretty early on as always you know I was you know playing sports I think for whatever reason I always seem to be on the like kind of like the losing team sort of inoculation failure and you know frankly I just I just wanted to make money you know I felt like a loser Mero can beholden to uh you know beholden to you know the the pity amount of you know like you know going to college you know working uh you know an $8 an hour job so I still think it's important how you mentioned that you you built that that tough skin because at some point you you do you have to have the ability to hear to be disappointed and also the confidence to do like you did with putting the signs up and like maybe it not working so I think that yet the sports I've heard that before where people exercise to build their confidence I think it was Edie my let talks about how he used to exercise and keep promises to his self in order to build his confidence so I think that that that makes sense so another thing have you ever been disappointed with the progress you made in business and how did you deal with it did you ever like did you start off women and business did you start off just like make an affiliate Commission's and it just just kept going uphill or did you start off and it was like kind of had a tough time figuring things out or how did it go landing page you know I just I just didn't want to learn how to program I didn't want to learn how to you know there wasn't leadpages there wasn't like funnels there wasn't any of these these we see with websites elder sirs no I filled a lot and even even when I was even when I was doing good you know with my you know my my course knows business I had expanding – I got a net I found a network of people through uh you know you know that would put up flyers once I found the winning wire I scaled it to basically universities around all around Southern California and I got kind of dream to go out and put up these Flyers because I knew if I put them up in the business school I get people contacting me and I make money so myself because I was trying to make that transition to an online business right even you know I was here I am in college making $10,000 a month selling you know my you know basically a PDF file because everybody you know I'm I'm eating myself up because I don't have an online business because I knew that if I could could if I could figure out a way to just just get my Flyers up you know my messaging off in front of people on the internet you know the same people that you know I know the same people that are on you know that are standing in front of that classroom looking at my flyer they're also on the internet usually they're more so so I was just trying to figure that out trying to figure that out and I just couldn't figure it out for the life of me and I would constantly beat myself up you know and there's always there's always another there's always another level yeah that was the main thing you said the landing page was the challenge did you so did you also have a challenge targeting the audience since you were trying to bring offline business online did you have problems with getting that same audience or did you end up going through with that yeah I know I had no idea you know I learned no idea how to target I tried a lot of things but I just I didn't have anybody any model to go up I was just doing trial and error there well and so basically for four years were you still trying the same business and trying to make it work online or did you pivot I a lot of different businesses or before I got really focused you know I started mr. eBay business I just started a I you know I did the course notes business I cried I was doing the poker you know where I was multi-tabling like PokerStars Full Tilt Poker Stars owners and I have like like 10 different you know online poker tables open and I'm trying to do bad I tried I tried counting cards I tried finding casinos that did single-deck blackjack and I would try to you know single or double back blackjack and I try to figure out like the bling systems accounting arts my training you know I I took some of the money I made and I you know I tried 5,000 and day trading and I work I tried a lot of different things during that uh that that period I tried to sale but I you know at night late but I eventually got affiliate marketing sisters history I just started killing a bad really bad that's awesome so you kind of answered my next question because like a lot of entrepreneurs go through that where they might start a lawn care business and then they might start some type of maybe retail and then there's so many different business models online you can do the rank and rent SEO you can do e-commerce so you try it quite a few things and none of those really worked out for you and the reason they didn't was because I wasn't cuz I focus you know I wasn't focused on you know on the money I would have I would have been I would have been a multi-millionaire a law maker had I literally just focused on how to build a better business business putting up flyers around college campuses if I just focused on that I would be I would have become a millionaire much earlier than I did but I I jumped around I always found reasons reasons that seemed very perfectly valid Dow isn't right I was going and I kept second-guessing myself yeah what I know now is that was that you can't necessarily trust every thought that comes into your head and like weaning myself to understand what the thoughts I'm having our legitimate treat them and what thoughts I'm having are kind of kind of you know kind of put into my foot into my brain somehow yeah you know has been probably the biggest challenge but the the biggest benefit in helping me focus and grow my business that's awesome tip do you think that you learned that from like I've heard people who study emotional intelligence and things like that in order to learn how to sift through their thoughts and to not act emotionally but to use logic versus versus emotion did you have to like strengthen that muscle because I think that's something that you have to develop in order to be really successful do you think that's what that was a case for you Oh 100 percent 100 100 percent a knife I I believe it's one of the hardest muscles to train because it's one of these sneaky yes yes it's one of the sneakiest sneakiest yeah i think is so easy to respond to things emotionally and i know that in the emotional intelligence but they have this example where a shark comes at this guy and he starts his emotions just go and then i guess over time you learn how to just not deal with stuff like that so when you have somebody on YouTube that says nasty stuff about you you just kind of have the tough skin you don't respond emotionally so that's cool and so going on to getting feedback so this is a phase where you know you've started your course business and you've started other businesses and it had to be some point where you started talking to people and saying hey do you think of course business will work or do you think ecommerce will work for me like did you OH have people who were supportive in that in the early phases when you were experimenting people who were supported for sure because my sort of I've been very involved in this one internet forum called smack that money for a couple years so I was a known to take your on the forum you know I'm still one of the most posted members in that forum and so at the top you know and I've shown five shown case studies and people some of them follows me on other social channels they knew I was making money and traveling the world so I put up a post which said hey I'm looking and I actually wasn't looking to sell a course at the first night I put up a post saying hey I'm looking for media buyers to work for me I'm looking for people to work for my company to buy ads and make Commission's and I said you get paid on a commission Commission only basis you know basically if he's working for me placing placing ads that I came up with because I was a fairly successful person on this forum where most people were struggling I caught a lot of I got I was only looking for a couple people to work for me I had you know and I got hundreds and hundreds of applications so I just said hey it's too many applications I'm gonna start charging I'm gonna start charging money for this because obviously there's more people that want that way more people that want this and then there is demand so there's a supply demand gap it's an obvious revenue opportunity it's five thousand dollars and you know I just I thought I threw out something ridiculous because I it was really only looking for a few people to work for me for me but the response was so many people wanted to pay me $5,000 to learn how to do affiliate marketing I said okay I'm just gonna create a digital course and all of you can have it and and one and what I decided to do as I decided to build an affiliate Network as well because I said well I can kids you know that's fine it may be $5,000 but I really want I want them you know I'd other media buyers that would make me like hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year from Philly marketing so I said I want to make me a lot of money so I start my own affiliate network to further take advantage of the fact that you know I was training um and that's that's how the whole thing started and then I started RIF you know really pushing my own training and education so that I could get more affiliates into my affiliate network so I could essentially have them work for me so it does it stay the same it's just I just realized there's two revenue models there instead of one that I could which was kind of exciting it's kind of exciting okay so so now you you work more with Clickbank do you still have your own affiliate network those really come because I was taking uh I was taking all the money from a positive businesslike affiliate marketing like pure profit margins you know what you're told with the info product what your profit margins but either way both business both of those businesses from cashflow positive and they took all the money I made and put it into a very cash flow negative business such as an affiliate Network and I I just ended up getting my butt handed to me because you know all these things and these employee embezzlement fraud not advertising on payments you know one of our clients went bankrupt and left us with a quarter million dollar bill yeah we really really got I really got hammered and I lost I lost almost a million dollars which was like all the money I have in time I was asked him because you mentioned that you have an affiliate Network and I was asking do you still having you know billion networks Raghu gets second tier commissions because Parole Commission so well interesting so a lot of people have asked about your background were you married did you have kids did you have responsibilities did your parents pay all your bills and then you just could spend all your time on exploring and trying businesses or how did you start out like a lot of the people who I've talked to they have families or they have kids or jobs and things and so it's like how did you get from this position where you have a job or maybe a family responsibilities and get to where you are so can you help us to understand like what type of responsibilities you had how did you prioritize and navigate through that sure you want you want to start by like me growing up well let's start with when you started to see well you did the course business and but that's not really where you stay and they so let's start there at that point were you married did you have kids cuz you were kind of you had to be spent on a decent amount of time on that yeah the course business I was married it was my kid on the way [Applause] so when I really got to do it was 2000 was 2000 2016 and is teen and sixteen I lost almost a million dollars in basically everything I say that I hadn't likes wandered on like baggage service and Vegas from affiliate marketing and ice wandered all that off you know running a really bad you know running an affiliate network belief Network and so I my wife was like seven months pregnant million dollars I was million in government taxes I mean I panic attacks like it was I had no income you know because I you know I stopped doing affiliate marketing to try to manage you know boys and finances and credit lines and Howser isn't I was looking for investors and I was doing all this do not fuss really off the kind of off of my core competencies I would say which are really marketing might say marketing and networking to some extent you know and I really gone on like four competencies and gone into my least capable areas and you know I was taking any money I owned a lot of money I just sold my affiliate networks so I could get rid of it and it was it was really scary time for me so what I so yes I have responsibilities that time and how did I do it I just I just I just muscled up and I barreled through and as I said I had panic attacks you know it's where you know those that don't know what a panic attack is it's where your chest is really tight you get this you get this random overwhelming sense of dread of dread for no apparent reason yeah that's the yeah you know it would you know I would I would be dry heaving it's a really it's an actual like asthma it looks like asthma it does everything when you're single you know my friends cows but I can't tell my wife so so that was a really scary time and you know that's when I really buckle down and I said I'm gonna focus on you know focus on business because I know affiliate marketing really well I'm really good at it your marketing play and see it's a unique thought I already have um I'm just gonna market you know I'm just I'm just gonna come back on my campaigns and market it and I started getting better and better and better at figuring out of marketed and I dug myself out of a big wall but I just focus so when you started all over again that was only maybe four years ago right three four years ago okay so you started over again at that time you started in a really rough position and so I mean you were having these panic attacks and somehow you decided to wake up and did your wife still support you at that point was she still like yeah keep going with it honey she don't know she didn't know how women help how didn't she know she didn't know you didn't wake up and go to work somewhere right so but she never said go get a job or this isn't working out like maybe you should try something different she didn't know anything was not doing anything nothing oh okay oh I get it so you only know that that things were getting hard you didn't really relay that to us oh so she didn't you didn't lose anything that was noticeable I mean we works we were living in an apartment and I gave us the same in Sweden we notice it's not like we started selling our you know our mission to fly yeah because a lot of people when they get into you know hardship financially then they have to downsize or it changes their lifestyle yeah we'd always been living in an apartment and so you were always living below your means when I went on trips you know with with burned me you know we just you know we just would go to a concert we go to a winery you know line tasting a bad weekend trip and you know even though I was a quarter million in still had you know like you know some money on rent you know like cycling on credit it wasn't like you know so we still go out on okay cool and so you just kept kept going but you just pivoted back into your competency so that you can make the [Music] [Music] [Applause] financial man finances like you know you know you know legal you know like contracts and whatnot on the other side which was you know you know design yeah you know I was in no management no reliance other people when you're so used to having employees around you yeah and then the second part of that was you know marketing you know I just I had to be working alone and I had to be working in marketing and I had to make sure it was cash flow positive rings that's when things really started to turn around and you know I saw a saw a glimmer of hope and I was back in control of the situation so to speak because I knew because I have a skill and my skill you know I've learned through experience and through training which is yeah so that's really cool so you did have responsibilities you did have bills to pay you didn't have kids starting out but your wife was supportive she didn't know about rough patches and the kids how did you balance that did you still did you have times where you got off off harmony I guess you can say where you were spinning and so how did how long did it take you when you start a business before you felt like this can definitely support the lifestyle I want like what the course businesses sounds like did it take off fast or how long was it before you say you know what I can be an entrepreneur and I can support the lifestyle I want to be in an entrepreneur before I quit my job I knew I was good at marketing and what job was this and where does this follow in the straight a job 2011/2012 I had two jobs [Music] like advertising for clients and I managed basically everybody's client in the entire department night because I was I spoke with all the other employees and I said I will manage your clients for you your clients I will do all of the backend marketing I will do the optimization and I would show them look look I've done better and you know my results are really really better at this but I'm saying but I just got the practicing practice and they lived he breathe and sleep slept and marketing is a skill and it can be learned and you know I encourage everybody you know what if you know look learn a skill I mean I lose it feels like it's powerful then you can actually have a real skill that is valuable and managing people's that you know Google Ads is a powerful skill to have and it's worth real money so I always knew I had something that was something that was very valuable and if you have something that's very valuable you I mean one wait and monetize those skills too good job why would you work a job good job I don't know it seems like a very basic way to monetize your skills when you can actually just go to the marketplace and set you know talk to people and say hey lucky Boone you know I have this skill you know you have this need you know you need more business I think I can get you more business let's figure out a situation that makes sense a situation since so I was always gonna be in business at the point I understood I had a skill I knew I was I was in business for myself and then business for me you know it didn't uh yeah I knew I was like oh I have to be the job again yeah so that was after the course business for than decades right or so and as far as funding their business so when you started out were you like did so you had the job and you were buying your domains or your hosting and everything from your income from your job is that how you were doing it yeah it is but you know like some sometimes it's difficult for some people to acquire that stuff and I've heard people who say that hosting domains and their education is expensive so haven't you heard that before I mean people people will say you know McDonald's raises the price of 25 you know people say oh it used to be a dollar so expensive but what people say isn't always what they mean so 19 people paper you know people think they're getting a deal when they know they get a scholarship to a you know a big university and they're like I'm only paying you know fifteen thousand dollars for an online course which honestly stops I somebody's like you knowledgeable makes money things like oh that's like way too much like it's like right I just really agree with that and based on my presuppositions and education how valuable it actually is to them and what they're willing to sacrifice to get it I definitely agree with that I have seen it though where people they don't I don't know if his confidence in himself or what the root of it is but they don't they don't they think that what it takes to start their businesses expenses they want to start a business we're free and I mean it just does not work like that so that's why I was just going back to how you started and like you said you start it with your job and so that's how you were able to invest in your business so you know is that for me for me it's I believe a lot of it is kind of like a confidence thing maturity you know I'd say a lot of I think a lot of it's my you know when I was in college I don't know you know I jumped around businesses because I don't believe I actually believed in myself in myself I believe I hide hostages were you know like I said I can I continually doubted it continued you know I thinking putting on blood wasn't a real business you know I should've taken that makes a million-dollar business – I would successful a lot quicker you know really really expanded my street team model and really started you know marketing more aggressively in marketing maybe even hiring somebody to figure out the market you know or teach me marketing you know or there are a number of things like number of things like done and I started for free but I believe it's a competence and I believe there's Bernie thing you can do whatever you want it's just a matter of just you really wanted or you just trying to bring yourself yeah I agree and then you have dreamers and you have people who actually will do it so then on to build in your systems and then I want to get to the questions that people have so we can make sure we get let's do it okay so building your system starting with getting leads you told us how you started getting potential customers for your course business but then weight or for the course notes business but then when you started online did you start out blog in or did you start out doing the PPC from your background or how did you start getting traffic to your own business online to my own I've run a number of businesses here of my own affiliate my own course business yeah let's do that absolutely okay affiliate business was Google Ads okay so I was I was doing Google Ads on search and I was I was pushing people to a gold investments blog and I was bidding on competitor keywords which are some still for this day one of the best areas to market areas and I get that traffic really cheap really cheap then I you know expand it to you know I advertise more products then I expended to Facebook as my business really blew up big time we started hitting like half a million dollars a month I'm in business which was really exciting as like a you know I was in my mid-20s and I was you know I was crushing it just traveling the world and I know everybody worked for me was from another so that was pretty dumb for uh it was pretty for a little period I frequented Nagus wait can I ask did you scale up your ad budget start from like where did you start from did you start from ten thousand a month like you say you do more than tens of thousands a month or did you did you start like with a lower when I was doing sixty thousand dollars a month I was 60 Dino I was I was spending maybe like 17 grand of something that was that was my initial growth so I was making like forty thousand like stupid little things like my employees probably netting like you know so it's probably 40,000 a month overall that was in my mid-20s you know 100 to 300 thousand dollars a month reasoning 500 weeks so that was awesome pretty cool yeah what do you think the key with what you were doing is the high ticket because it was a high ticket offer do you think that was a big key to it or would you because you know a lot of people are in the Amazon associates affiliate program and things like that would you recommend them use that same method for a lower commission or lower ticket offers I recommend people use Amazon people use or lower ticket offers of course I mean Amazon like everybody buys from Amazon and also it's a great place to get your feet wet it's a lot of people you know if you if you are one of those people where you don't have a natural confidence you just want to see your first you conversions coming you want to you want to just know that the internet works just know I like to say that was a big thing for me is just just to know that affiliate marketing works if I thought introversion if I just gotta like every conversion like one sale but I just I tried a lot of different things and I just wasn't able to make a commission for years so you know it kind of you know it scared me you know it kind of scared me off trying it too much for you know too seriously for awhile too serious but I mean like you did pay advertising and you were spending a hundred dollars a day would you say for somebody to do the same thing with a lower ticket offer or do you think that it's required that you have a higher ticket offer to do pay advertising like that well I mean it's not 100% not required to have high ticket item most of the family most affiliates are selling low ticket items through paid advertising tickets through paid advertising yeah okay cool and so what do you think as far as the task to drive leads to a business online what do you think are the most important things for startup affiliates to focus their timeline for startup affiliates launchings you know everything I would say launching new ads and looking at your data and drawing conclusions from it that's a scientific process that's 100 percent of the biggest mistake I see people making is they're not launching new ads on a daily basis for new loans for new targeting methods when I'm when I'm trying to when I'm trying to get my income marketing by launching I'm launching new ads daily he doesn't it doesn't matter if I don't have a lot of time for research that's final launch an ad but I will I will launch and if I don't have a lot of time instead of saying okay I'm gonna do the research today and I'm going to launch you tomorrow I'll launch the ad today because the only thing that you can really learn from in sales or marketing is experience and I think a lot of civilians and frankly they're sissies you know I see a lot of people and people are just I mean I'll say it people are just freaking [ __ ] about launching an ass and everybody knows only way to get better at sales you're not gonna read you know let's you're not gonna read in the book you you're not gonna read like 20 sales books and say okay I'm ready to make a phone call so when you're larger ads are you launching new like you're starting all over from scratch new keywords new titles new ad copy everything or are you like just tweak in which you already have to improve are you spend more time on optimization are new ads basically I mean at this point I you know I have other people to do a lot of that stuff you know I need you seasoned whatnot and I'm kind of focused on like some larger scale things but what I'm launching ads I'm general I'm copying everything and then I'll make some tweaks and I'll test again these weeks is just marketing 101 into you you start with control you use it's called a control and a control is an ad networks or landing page that works or tarp so you always want to start with control start with what works with control story and test against it but you know because you always need a baseline if you don't have this nice line it's like you're just flying that's cool and translating that into organic you would recommend looking at a blog that works and then tweaking using that as a control and and creating off of that is that how you would do it like reverse engineering 100% so if I if I look up the best best baby diapers of 2020s I'll look at those sites and I'll see how are these sites done what is you know you know like how are they how are they selling products okay they're using like lists they're doing like oh we're gonna list out the 10 best baby diapers and then we're gonna have you know special we're gonna rate them on a couple different you know you know I look at how the other sites are actually other sites doing whatever whatever it is I'm trying to do if I'm starting a blog I'll say okay this is how other blogs are monetizing you know and I want to monetize through affiliate marketing some blogs monetizing to add some to a some blogs monetized Ruth brand partnerships you know that they got themselves and you know a lot of stuff is pretty easy to reverse-engineer oftentimes you can just contact a person be like hey you know can we talk sometime I'm looking to get into your type of business and I just need some guidance I mean business a lot of business people don't you know I'm I get hit up thousands of times a day so I'm not like that and I put a lot of content on YouTube but a lot of businesses are very easy to reverse engineer versus engineer and you just you just got to take a couple minutes to look at them and it's the trace things back and trace the revenue models around that's awesome so I want to switch over to questions that other people ask so that I can let you off soon because you have an appointment so okay this first question is from Paul Watson and he says is it a seat is it a CTA or just links within the content that gives you the best retire but basically you you do pay debt so it's smart links within content right it's not blogging that's giving you the best returns yeah and the question that the question asked is not mutually exclusive because you can have a call to action with any good content so okay and the next question is from Nathaniel and he says where does he draw the line between creating realistic expectations of starting an affiliate business and using extreme wealth as a marketing tool to gain leans leads where do you draw the line conversation because people have been so utterly scammed by the education system and my society that it is it is hard it is to interrupt people's patterns it is hard to get people out of the ideas of their broke parents of their broke society of their brokered college teachers I have broken you know you know the people in the news that are right you know all of these people are beating people you know every day you're being shocked by you know what Trump said this or you know yes or you know invading Syria's none of this matters I'm sorry but you know it's like why are we focused on monkeys invading cereal and we on cereal you know out here in Idaho or wherever you are he's trying to build a business trying to fend for people you know something that some of the countries that want to go to war owes what who knows you know and the other side of the wolf doesn't matter think about your family think about yourself like you know you know what you pronouns to use or what gender bathroom people like so hard you know it's like I want to be called deserve like as ed or whatever I'm non-binary it's like no not important yes people cares so much about them so you need to shock you need to shock people you know and you know it's it's important because if people have the blinders on you have we are slay you know capitalism is the entire system wherein is big employer system uses builds its to keep you working your whole life is not built to let you be free it's built free no we're sitting today in a in an era where you know let's pick actually let's go back 25,000 years humans never human could afford to eat and you know provide for themselves you know roughly roughly speaking one person could provide enough food for one person you know it's like you know you're manual labor couple hours a day or whatever how many hours two days one feed your family and most the most the rest of time we sat around kind of like monkeys and just you know sat around and like took care of babies or you know fiddled and digging ticks out of each other's hand we're on a society today twenty-five thousand years later where we have literally like a thousand times more productive or 10,000 times more productive than what we are we have borrowing we have technology we don't need to fiddle around and pick ticks out of our hair we don't need our lifespans or all these things yet at the same time if we were a thousand times more productive wouldn't that mean that like only one out of a thousand if you put one hundred thousand people provided enough food and enough for everybody to live should that mean that like 99 percent of people don't have to work or that we just work 99 percent less all and it's because case it all it's because humans are cheap laborers it's humans heat labor are cheap labor and when you use labor and the media used and when you use the education system use as well Tennyson system and assuming that most families come from a [ __ ] mindset anyways you have all three influences working together to keep you under this thought pattern that you have to work for your entire life you have to be paid an hourly wage it's a complete hogwash and simple it's bullets disgusting and it's decidedly people you know and and my people need to understand that there is an alternative it is incredibly important so it is your duty if you have to something to help people as you're doing you have something to help people it is your duty to shock them your duty is to help them it is you're doing if you if everybody's you if your whole family was going to eat he was going to eat I don't know a restaurant no no you know let's say McDonald's and everything at McDonald's have been laced with arsenic a with poison and you said hey you shouldn't go eat it the McDonald's and everything stock poison and everything and they said oh whatever you know so yeah it really does so basically what you're saying is that your presentation is a pattern interrupt it really shocks them and it makes them decide to look further into an alternative and I I do think that I can understand that on the flip side there's two ways to shop there's pleasure and pain and have you ever tried pay because like the presentation based on what the question was he was talking about the realistic expectations based I showing my Lamborghinis and houses and things like that and so do you ever like what examples do you do to show like pain and instead of pleasure from a shocking standpoint well there's a few things I do I mean one is you know in my in my webinar presentation I talk about my story and what people do is you know if I'm talking about you know I had panic attacks and I was born and I'm frustrated and I was all alone and I felt like I had nobody to speak to and I say those things even though I'm seeking in first person what people do is they forget what the word is but they like anthem or pot you know they'll if they're going through those same emotions bills start remembering you know those because everybody thinks about themselves so even though if I'm talking about me people will say oh yeah I'm frustrated I'm all alone I don't have anybody to talk to about this yeah if I don't feel like I'm good enough I feel like you know I'm failing you know too you know oh you know so people take that enough you know and another good thing is you know to ask you know asking people questions you know you know say have you ever felt this way yeah there's a number of ways to do it yeah there's there's no and then this question says you have a product that's forty seven dollars and you have one that's nine ninety seven have you thought about putting something in between I think I think it's more important to find quality in general I think it's more important to you know if you can demand a higher price or whatever you're selling or marketing I think I think it's worthwhile to help create a freemium product yeah I think that's and also you know what what is gonna be the price point that allows to reach the most amount of the people right I think it's very important and you know surprising like you know like or maybe not surprisingly like oftentimes demanding a higher price what allows to reach more people Tesla Tesla 1p8 if Tesla to said okay we're gonna sell electric cars for 2,000 bucks they won't be selling street-legal cars that be selling toys be selling toys that you put your kids in to go stand you know they'd be selling those little scooter toys and we want to make it accessible that's what they be so maybe selling toys and Toys R Us whereas when they you know they said we want with the electric carts to get out but to do that we're gonna have to charge two hundred thousand dollars for a two seater calls to get it out so that's that's what it takes you know especially when you're you know relatively new markets yeah and I think one of the cost that a lot of startup entrepreneurs have a difficult time at an a me included is how much it costs to acquire customer you know you think about how much it costs you the tools in order to run the business but sometimes that cost of how much does it cost to acquire customer especially considering you have competition and all that sometimes I could sneak up on you so well I really really appreciate you answering all these questions and being so transparent and helping us to understand the background of where you came from and how you got where you are I think that the outcome that we see a lot of people are like you know it's admirable that you've been able to accomplish everything that you have and so I really appreciate you taking the time and share with us how you got there that's awesome yeah the wolf it think thank you for having me and I hope I provided value and everybody listening you know just you know everybody stay focus and believe in yourself and keep doing it everything works you just you just got to thing works you believe you just got to it starts with belief belief yeah yes well thank you and I really appreciate you so that's all I have for this interview with John Chris Donnie and I really hope you enjoyed it if you did please give a thumbs up and like and subscribe below and also can you tell us where they can check out the projects you're working on where they can learn more from you subscribe and do live streams ever known as well vacations yeah definitely go and check out the channel I've watched quite a few of the videos and you address affiliate marketing from a different vantage point so I really like watching the videos from time to time whenever I get a chance I go I watch some of the videos so definitely check out the channel and that's all I have for this video and have a great day bye