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if you're one of those people who've been looking to start an online business selling digital products but then reality hits you discover that you need a lot of things such as expensive design tools you need to spend a lot of time on tutorials and because of that you see a lot of your hours Vanishing like send castles in a tide well if you're one of those people don't worry because today I have a solution I'm going to show you how to start and set up a successful print on demand business with no design skill or experience I'm going to show you an awesome platform that's going to help you turn your basic designs into extraordinary Marvels all this in just a matter of minutes I'm going to be introducing you to Kito an all-in-one design Solution that's going to help you come up with amazing designs best of all it's available worldwide and you can do this on your web browser if you're interested in that make sure to stick with me until the end of this video as I'll be taking you through this platform and yes this is going to be a step-by-step tutorial don't forget to grab your water your pen and paper so you don't miss out and forget anything without wasting any more time let's get on with today's video all right guys before I show you how Kito work let's first go over what it is and what you can expect within the platform kiddo is an all-in-one design solution that makes creating stunning visuals much easier anyone anywhere in the world can sign up to the platform to start creating designs and as always I have a link for you guys to sign up to Kito for a free account I'll leave it in the description box down below all you need to do is click the link create your account and get instant access to the Kito platform click the link and you land on a page that looks like this one you first have to sign up to the platform by selecting the sign up button you will land on this page where you will have to create your account by filling in your name email and creating a password you can also sign up using your Google account or your Facebook account once you've logged into your account you realize that this platform has got a lot of temp templates you can literally create logos posters cards labels social media covers and many more using just the templates that they have over here some of the best tools and features that they have are AI image generator AI Vector generator they also have an AI product background where you can add different kinds of background to match your design you can check out more of these features using the link in my description box down below all right guys so right now I'm going to show you how to get started in creating your very first design for your print on demand store log into your account and navigate to the top right of a page to where you can see new project over here you'll then land on this page where the K2 platform has already created presets for you so you'll see here they have standard presets they have presets for business cards and many more as you scroll down but the most amazing thing happens when you go to the Pod preset over here you'll see that they've already created presets for some of the biggest print on demand platforms such as merch by Amazon printful red bubble tuu printify and all of those print on demand platforms that you'll find on their website I think this is one of the most incredible things about this platform because it takes out all the stress of you having to go and Google what sizes you need for these different platforms or going into the actual platforms to search for sizes depending on the platform that you are creating your designs for you simply need to select the platform over here and start creating by selecting the create button you then land on this blank page where you can start creating Your Design you'll see on the left of your page that you have a menu that will give you templates it gives you options to text elements you can even upload your own Design Elements you can take photos textures and of course you can use the kit to AI to generate images now as you guys know we are in the month of love so the design that we'll be creating for our print on demand store will be related to that to get started select the template tab over here you can find your ideal design by searching for it or you can scroll down to see if the templates have something that you can customize in our case I'm going to type here the keywords Valentine's Day and search through to find an ideal design that we can customize all right guys so this is the design that I have selected for our Valentine's design now I'm going to show you how how we can customize and personalize this design to make it our own and have our own special touch when I select each and every element on this design you'll see that they are separated they are not combined and this makes it easy for you to customize each element separately the first thing that I'm going to show you is how to change backgrounds around you first need to select the background on the right hand side you'll see some settings that will help you adjust the background color as you like so by selecting this circle over here I'll be able to use the Swatch to move my background around to my ideal color another awesome thing that you can do with your background is adding texture on the left hand side you'll find this button over here where you'll see the different kinds of textures and backgrounds that you can add by clicking show all on each category you see the different styles that you can add to your texture I'm going to add a soft texture to our Background by selecting it now in case you want to work with your design without any texture you can simply select it come on the right hand side where you can see delete and delete your background just like that the second thing that we're going to work on in our design is the text by selecting your text over here you'll be able to change it on the right text settings and select an ideal font for your design another thing that you can do with your font is changing the Colors by clicking this text colors over here you'll be able to find colors that will best suit your design so as you'll see see for each and every design that you create you can change the elements around let me show you how you can use the AI image generator to come up with your own original design navigate to the left panel over here to the bottom where you can see kle AI select that tab you'll see that here they have the image generator as well as the logo generator for you each of these AI generators give you an option to select the aspect ratio for your design as well as the image Style flip art style Vector style and all these presets over there you simply type on the prompt here what you want to create and select generate image the AI in kle is going to take a few seconds to come up with your Design This is what the kle AI came up with for us you'll see that this design came

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