💸How much Youtube paid me in 2023 after blowing up (5k👉50k subs) + my other new YT income streams!

last year in 2023 I went from 5,000 subscribers which by the way took me 2 years to get to to 50,000 subscribers which was so so cool to see because I feel like all the work that I put into YouTube finally paid off and then I was finally starting to make money when I got monetized which was one and A2 years into doing YouTube I was making about $100 a month with YouTube but now it is a lot more and in this video I'm going to share with you exactly how much I made from YouTube from Google AdSense but also Al my other YouTube related income streams like brand deals affiliate income and also a new digital course that I sold at the end of last year the first thing I want to show you is actually my subscriber growth because honestly when I look at this graph it's just I'm so happy because when I first started it was like 2020 and then look how slow I grew and at the end of 2022 that is when my one month on Etsy video started to get bigger and then my channel started to get bigger and you see this line here just makes me so happy and I want to remind you like if you are starting a YouTube channel or you are starting a business or just starting any kind of project it might take a while before you start to see traction and for me it took me 2 years and you know what that's okay because it was so worth it and this whole year last year like I had the best time of my life I became a digital Nomad I went traveling in Asia for 7 months I had the time of my life it was like my dream come true take a look at the revenue here I started my channel here didn't make any money until I got monetized and then I started making you know like a couple dollars every single day so in all of 2023 I made 22,000 USD with YouTube AdSense so at the beginning of 2022 that's when I had like a couple videos do really really well there was the one month on Etsy video then the I finally blew up video and then I also had another video called 15 side hustle ideas that was doing really really well and that led me to have this huge spike in growth this was probably the most exciting time because like there was one day where I gained like 8800 subscribers in one day and I was so so happy and after this period it kind of like settled down and since then it has been pretty pretty consistent with like the subscribers I'm getting the watch time the views you can see it's like kind of following the same kind of pattern like huge growth right here at the beginning of 2022 and then it kind of like leveled off so my revenue is pretty much the same in 2022 there was like a huge Spike and then it kind of leveled off so if we're looking at just last year so January 1st to December 31st I made a total of 22,000 USD every day I would make about you know $30 to hundred something dollar but on average it's been like you know $60 to $80 USD a day from watch page ads on like normal videos I made like $22,000 shorts $40 that is really really sad and that's why I don't really focus on shorts I had $11 in super thanks which is super duper cool if you want to see my monthly earnings I made the most in February March and January of last year and then now like you know on average it's I'm making like 1,600 to 1,800 a month from YouTube if you take a look at my CPM which is cost per Mill which by the way if you don't know it means the cost that advertisers have to pay youtube/google to run ads on my videos and this is the cost per 1,000 views my CPM has always been kind of like 20ish to $ 30ish and my RPM has been around $11 on shorts this is like really sad $425 oh yeah RPM is revenue per Mill so that is the money that I make from YouTube per every 1,000 views okay top earning content so the first one was this 1H hour tutorial that I made halfway through the year in 2023 it took me like 20 hours to make this video because I literally had to start an Etsy shop from scratch it has made me $4,000 and yeah it was so worth it to spend like the 20 or maybe I think it took me 30 hours to make this video or like 40 hours to make this video oh my God it took me so long to make this video and it's my best performing video right now with 300,000 views and then the next one is the 15 side hustles video which is like almost at 300,000 views that side hustle video made me $4,000 last year um this one is growing a lot slower now in terms of views so you can see here in the last 48 hours I'm still getting the most views on this 1 hour tutorial how to start an Etsy Shop um my freelancer video is doing pretty good I think this one has about 100,000 views now the side hustle video this one did a lot better at the very very beginning of the year it was like growing a lot here and then it kind of leveled off and then all the other videos are mainly my Etsy monthly updates or like demos on Etsy things um yeah these are like all Etsy videos except for this Hi Side hustle video and this freelancer one and the greeting card business video this is like really cool because this video I made like 3 years ago or 2 years ago so I published it in 2021 it's not my best performing video but like this was actually the video that really really helped me gain subscribers at the very beginning like I think this video helped me gain maybe like 100 subscribers per month something like that but it has consistently gotten like 300 to 500 views every 48 hours for like 3 years and actually you know what I realized that all my best performing videos are pretty much like search related videos like definitely this how to start an Etsy Shop the side hustle ideas and then this one is also searched a lot like my first month on Etsy because people kind of want to see what is like realistic in terms of how much you can make on Etsy this one definitely grew from search and also how to find digital downloads Niche actually my channel growth from the last 3 years like my sustainable Channel growth has been mainly from videos where people are searching for it like how to start an Etsy Shop like when I blew up originally at the end of 2022 my first month on Etsy video was doing really well and then also the what's it like blowing up for the first time on YouTube these videos were appearing in people's recommended but then now these videos aren't really getting a lot of views so it was only for a period of 2 months that these videos were doing really really well it was like recommended on people's feeds but the videos that have consistently gotten me views and income are the ones that are search friendly and actually at the beginning of starting my YouTube channel like I totally knew that making search friendly videos was going to be the thing that would help me grow my YouTube channel and if you also want to do the same thing like make videos that are search friendly you have to do keyword research you have to do market research and really optimize your videos for search engine optimization one of my favorite tools that I've been using for pretty much since I started my YouTube channel

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